Monday, March 31, 2008


I have been yearning for this special nyonya Otak-Otak since I last ate it . It is a very delicious steamed delicacy made of fish fillets marinated in some special spicy paste wrapped in banana leaves . Originated by the nyonya people, it can be eaten with plain rice or alone by itself. The last time I had this was in September last year when I attended a seminar in Penang. A lady came to us while we were having our breakfast in one of the coffee shop in McCaslister Road , asking us to try her Otak-Otak . She was so persuasive and being a person who likes nyonya dishes , I bought two packets from her. She even gave us her business card. She told us that her regular customers are from all over Malaysia and people from as far as Singapore will order from her. That’s how famous she is…but we thought that it was just a business sale talk. We did not quite buy her story then till we tasted it later in the evening.

We did not try it there and then becoz we were late for the seminar . We carried the two packets of otak-otak with us to the seminar. (",) When we reached our hotel after the seminar ended , the first thing we did was…attacked the otak-otak…wow , to our surprise it was the best Otak-Otak ever. Fantastic !!! We wanted to order some to take back to Ipoh for our families, but we forgot which coffee shop we went that morning. Haha …so we missed the opportunity to take home some for our families. Since then, I have been yearning for this special otak-otak . Last December, my piggies, Ernest and I went to Penang to celebrate Christmas there. The first thing on our mind was to order some to take home after Christmas but sad to say , they were closed for Christmas . :(

And today , Ernest managed to buy this special Otak-Otak from the same lady from McCalister Road. Asked him how he managed to tracked this nyonya lady…and guess what he said ? " A secret…………" . Hmmmmph…. who cares how he got it as long as I get to taste it after all this time (",)

Of course…he has not forgotten me…the Momsie whose hobby is eating and eating (",) and her yearning for this special Otak-Otak. A big **THANK YOU ** to ERNEST for being so thoughtful and caring. A satisfied dinner for me and Piggy gal. And to Daddy and Piggy boy " You guys missed this. I am sure you can’t get this in New Jersey..…can you? "

This is the famous Otak-Otak from McCaslister Road, Penang

Unveiled for your eyes only...
the smooth texture of the spicy paste
enveloped the silky fish slices ...yummz
banana leaves gives out a nice fragrance when steamed
thus further enhanced the taste .

Note: Here is Mummy Fang's h/p no: 016-4710430 if you want to place an order for the Otak-Otak.

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