Saturday, March 22, 2008

Fantabulous Yummilious Fried Vermicelli <>

I have been wanting to try this dish , fried vermicelli , .... but was afraid that it might turn out soggy coz vermicelli is difficult to fry. It cooks fast and overcooking it will become soggy . But tonite, I took up the challenge and tried it out and surprisingly it turned out fantabulous and yummlicious. (",) The texture is like rice vermicelli ( meehoon ). Not soggy at all!!! The next time I fry this dish, I must reduce the oil. It is a bit oily though.

Fried Vermicelli with bitter gourd and egg
Top View ^^

Close-up ^^

Note to Piggy gal: This is what I had for dinner tonite (",)
Momsie will cook this for you on ur next trip back.

Quote of the day:
There is no love more sincerer than the love of food ~ George Bernard Shaw


  1. Hi,

    You vermicelli looks yummy. My favourite! I always order this during my lunch at office. May I know how do you fry your vermiccili? I tried frying it for my son last week and it turned out soggy... :( Hope you can share the tips.

    Many thanks.


  2. Hi Fionn :)
    Sorry I took so long to reply coz this post was posted quite some time adi. Din not check my old post till now :)

    Sure no prob. First you have to put the strand of vermicilli into hot boiling water and take it out as soon as it loosen up but not cooked. Runs cold water over the vermicelli and leave it aside.

    Meanwhile, fry all your meat & veg ingredients till cooked with a bit of gravy with salt to taste. Then put in the vermicelli into the cooked ingredients and mixed well. STir fry a short while. Dish up as soon as the vermicelli is cooked but not soggy.

    If you still have problem, let me know in my lastest post coz I normally dun check old post for comment. ", Haha hope it works for you.


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