Monday, March 10, 2008

Seafood For Dinner

Fresh from the market - flower crabs - RM18 per Kg

Crabs With Duck Egg Yolks

Fresh from the market , the Malaysian clams aka 'Lala ' - RM10 per Kg

Stir fried Lala with bean paste and chilli

Malaysian Water Snails aka as ' Siput Sedut '- fresh from the market - RM8 per Kg

Spicy Stir-fry Malaysian Water Snails aka ' Siput Sedut '

I realised that I have cravings for seafood lately. If not for the high calories involved, I would have seafood for dinner every weekend . Saturday , 8th of March was a day that I decided to have seafood for dinner. Piggy gal was back during the weekend so double up with Ernest around, we decided to have seafood and cooked by , Momsie, yours truly. ;)

Well, I had a wonderful time savouring all and had a very very satisfying meal. Within the three of us, we managed to finished every morsels of it. Surprisingly, the crabs dish came out very yummilious (",) coz it was the first time I tried cooking this style.

I don't mind having another round of seafood , the next time Piggy gal and Ernest are around. Haha , so for now, I have to be careful with my diet so that I can have another go at seafood. Just the thought of it could make me go drooling and salivating again! ;)

** To my Piggies in NJ, you guys mizzed the best seafood fare in town (",)


  1. Wanted to drop by your house but it was raining. Ish. By the time we go bear bear will start to dislike us already.

    -sapphire blu-

  2. You are welcome anytime of the day.
    Rain or no rain. ^__________^


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