Sunday, March 16, 2008

Salted Fish Seafood Curry

Seafood , seafood, seafood…..salivating just the thought of it. Saturday is a day I heart most coz it is a off day for me and the only day that I can immerse myself in cooking something nice and delicious for the family. I have been cooking and baking for over thirty years and I still heart it. ~__ * This is the only one thing that I really enjoy doing. Trying out new recipe is FUN . Since Piggy gal is back for the weekend, I thought I will cook something that is simply appetising " Salted Fish Seafood Curry " . I know she will love it coz she won’t get to taste it at her campus canteen. She is very much like me, loves seafood and curries. ~___*
Went marketing at Central Market and bought all the ingredients needed for the curry. Prices of things had gone up…. traders are real opportunists ! I am also an opportunist…haha since I was there and so very near to my favourite crockery shop, I went in and bought a beautiful plain white porcelain bowl. The price was RM16 but after haggling for 10 minutes I got it for RM10! Haha..that is the beauty of buying it from the shop. If I had bought it from Jusco or Tesco…the price is fixed and I won’t be able to bargain for a discount. I was so very HAPPY with the bowl and can’t wait to use it for the seafood curry. ; ) : ) : )

Came back from the market …I went straight to the kitchen and started cleaning up the crabs, malaysian clams ( Lala ) and deveined the prawns. Ground ingredients had been prepared the night before thus, making cooking the curry easier. In no time, the kitchen was filled with the fragrant scent of curry . Piggy gal can’t wait to eat. Hovering and asking " Wow, nice…when can we eat , momsie ? " Haha … I told her the secret of tasty curry is to allow the curry to rest in the pot for half a day . It tastes better somehow.

I invited Sen Loong to have dinner with us. But he said he had to go back earlier coz he had to help the youth meeting later in the evening , but he can have the curry as afternoon snack……both Piggy gal and Sen Loong reviewed that my curry tasted delicious. Haha.. am blushing now as I am blogging this. I felt like a small girl being patted on the head. But I would say it tasted yummy indeed! Piggy gal had so many helpings and I enjoyed watching her eat. She is a bit on the thin side now. Eat , eat , eat….seafood is good for health especially for the younger generation.
I had a satisfying dinner and a satisfying day. A day well spent.

Salted Fish Seafood Curry that earned me a praise (",)

This is the beautiful plain white porcelain bowl that I was talking about. You can't see much coz my whole purpose was to take a shot of the contents in the bowl ^^

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