Sunday, September 5, 2021

Aromatic And Easy Three Cup (San Bei ) Tofu

This is one awesome  tofu dish that I had eaten this year.  It is a Taiwanese dish that is packed with Thai Basil and coated aromatic sauce. It is called Three Cups Tofu because it is made of three main ingredients namely  : Soy Sauce , Toasted Sesame Oil and Chinese Cooking Wine.  According to Woon Heng whose recipe I used , wrote saying that it is not necessarily to use 1 cup each of the main ingredients. It would be too much. Thus I used equal parts or as close as possible to the portion of tofu used. It turned out so aromatic and delicious. The sauteed garlic, ginger and Thai basil gives this dish its aromatic flavour. Of course together with the sauce ingredients of Soy Sauce, Toasted Sesame Oil and Chinese Cooking Oil , this dish is a WOW and a keeper too. A vegetarian dish that is not bland at all.  You can use the same sauce recipe with Chicken meat too .  Check out the recipe link I have provided at the bottom of the page. A word of thanks to Woon Heng for sharing a great delicious and flavours packed tofu dish with us. It brings this Tofu dish up a level.


Click  link for Three Cup (San Bei ) Tofu


Essential Things To Know When Choosing An Essay Proofreader


Essential things to know when choosing an essay proofreader

Under one name of proofreading profession, in reality, there are two not always overlapping tasks. Often this refers to the literary editor: the person who perfects journalistic or literary texts, corrects stylistic errors and inaccuracies. However, as a rule, this is only a part (and a small one) of the work. In the book business, a literary editor can be a separate person, but even there, and especially in the media, the list of his main tasks includes communicating with authors, making up a plan, evaluating texts and their prospects, assigning responsibilities, controlling the timing and quality of work, solving other organizational issues in the company.

To become a good proofreader, you need to be well-read, be able to quickly assess the quality of the text, find and correct or point out its shortcomings, have certain leadership qualities and communication skills, as well as the skills to plan your own and others' actions several steps ahead.

What you need to know about checker and essay proofreader

So you've written your essay! That is great, but before showing it to the teacher, it would be nice to check the text for errors: punctuation, spelling, grammatical and stylistic. The online service will help you with this. To hire a company providing essay proofreader services cheap at cost and of high-quality at the same time is possible due to a proofreader service doing proofreading of an essay and other types of college assignments in the face of, which kindly provide its services on mutually beneficial terms.

An essay is the main form, along with statements of checking speech skills. Analysis of essays is an important link in the system of speech development. It was believed that correcting mistakes leads to a loss of self-confidence in students, at the same time, uncorrected mistakes are harmful - the student begins to take them as the norm. 

Currently, the following types of errors are distinguished: spelling, punctuation, grammatical, speech, logical and factual. 

There are several proofreading techniques: 

1) the academic revision should be a detailed review; 

2) errors are indicated by symbols. In order not to miss errors, it is recommended to first read 2, 3 times, evaluating the content, then the language itself. 

A few more words about essay consulting

If you essay consulting services online, is ready to provide them to you in spite of whatever college assignment issue you have, whether it is an essay, or else, its consultants are able to provide their expert opinion to work it out. 

Let's consider ways to assess the language of student essays. An assessment of the use of language tools in a text should begin with answering the questions: 

- What style is the text created by the student? Does it match the original design? (For example, it is required to create a text in a scientific style of speech, in an essay, the scientific style is not maintained: the student writes in a literary or journalistic style.) 

- What type of speech does the text of the essay belong to (description, narration)? Does the nature of the relationship between sentences and groups of sentences in the text correspond to this type of speech? (These can be spatial, temporal, cause-and-effect relationships in description, narration respectively). 

When checking the essays, the teacher must take the position of an editor and a proofreader, he needs to know the basic techniques of editing the paper. 

Everyone can make mistakes. It is important to be able to see them and correct them. The writers, editors and proofreaders working for and services, will always help to do the best writing, editing and proofreading of your papers. Each text is like their own, each word is their own. So it is: they are fathers of phrases, sentences and paragraphs, the parents of order; they are educators and teachers: having given words the present, they are responsible for their future. They do not waste words in vain, they create and repair universes: they go over and put words in their exact places, driving them well into the grooves, leaving no gaps. 

You spend your money not only on the fantastic transformation of a draft into a final draft, on a fabulous transformation of the text. You pay not only for their literacy and style, which they have been developing for decades. Not just for drumming their keys. Oh, that would be too little! You pay for a cheap service, which is highly professional at the same time, for the fact that proofreaders enjoy what they are doing otherwise they would not do it at all.


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