Saturday, July 24, 2021

French Crepe With Durian Fillings

It's the King of Fruits season , the durians are selling like hot cakes despite the pandemic. We have our regular supplier who will inform us and thats when we will place our order. We wanted the original local durians ( the Kampung Durian) not the hybrid type . this batch the local durians pulps were thick and creamy . We normally will freeze them in ice cream tupper and thaw them for half an hour whenever we want to eat them. Being the adventurous me, I wanted to try them with french crepes instead of eating with rice. It turned out lip-smacking good. I just need to practice making french crepes. This was a bit thick. I need to make them thinner. Practice makes perfect as the saying goes. Nevermind I still have 2 more tuppers of durian in the freezer.

These local durians are the best, espcially those from Kuala Kangsar, thick and creamy and bitterish sweet. Goes well with glutinous rice, plain rice and crepes.

Recipe for French Crepes

Ingredients for Crepe

2 eggs

1/4 cup butter- melted

2 tbsp sugar

1/2 cup AP flour

1/2 cup milk

1/8 cup water

1/2 tsp vanilla

tiny dash of salt


Durian pulps

 Method For making the Crepes

  1. Whisk all the ingredients, except the flour, together. Add in the flour, a little bit at a time, whisking just until the flour has been mixed in.
  2. Let the crepe batter rest for 10 minutes. Then, give the batter a quick whisk again before using.
  3. Grease a non-stick, 6" skillet with unsalted butter and heat over medium heat. Pour about 2-3 tablespoons worth of batter into the pan and tip the pan from side to side to get the batter to spread out throughout the pan.
  4. Cook each side of the crepe for 30 seconds before gently loosening up the edges with a large spatula. If it lifts, then the crepe is ready to be flipped. If it doesn't lift up very well, give it 10 to 15 more seconds and try again. Gently lift the crepe out of the pan, then flip over into the pan and cook the other side for another 10 to 15 seconds; remove to cool.

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