Thursday, July 8, 2021

No Sugar No Milk No Knead Banana Raisins Bun

Tomorrow is my Vaccine Day, so I thought I will bake some buns for our breakfast tomorrow. I wanted something easy to whip up and doesn't take up much time. Found one recipe that is No sugar No Milk No Kead Banana Raisins Bun that fits into my schedule well and wow, it was amazingly so easy ,even a beginner can do it right. I have all the ingredients at home, oh by the way, I stock up flours of different varieties like nobody business, as if I am a pro baker. The reason being I play with dough all the time so it is convenient to have them around in the pantry or fridge. The banana peels goes into the compost bin. Zero Waste!

The texture of the bun is pillowy soft, banana-ey fragrant too. A keeper for sure. 

Love the softness 

the soft pillowy texture and banana-ey it!
I need to improve on dusting flour on surface to get the design right
Half a load can make 6 buns
After resting the dough is no longer sticky
a well proofed delight at looking at the gluten web
a Danish whisk is useful when dealing with sticky dough..I love mine

No Sugar No Milk No Knead Banana Raisins Bun

Ingredients :
2ripe bananas - peeled 280gm - mashed
375 gm bread flour
1 tsp instant yeast
1/2 tsp salt
28gm melted unsalted butter
80 gm raisins

Video is posted here for the method

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