Thursday, August 25, 2022

Sweet Sour Pork With Pickled Cucumber

Sweet Sour Pork with Pickled Cucumber is a very refreshing dish. It has a sweetish sourish gravy that coats the fried  crispy pork. I used minced pork, shaped them into tiny rolls, coat them with potato starch and deep fried in hot oil. Make a savoury sauce of sweet Thai chilli sauce and tomato sauce and add in the fried pork , gives it a toss so that the pork is coated with the savoury sauce. It is an easy to prepare  dish and it is one of our favourite dish. Before the Covid pandemic, this is dish we will always order from the restaurant. Spare ribs can be used to replace minced pork. Of course, tomato and pickled cucumber and red onions are added to the dish too.
Add in tomato, pickled cucumber and onions to the gravy last. 

when oil is hot, put in the pork roll and fried till golden brown.
Seasoned the minced pork with black pepper and light soy sauce, shaped into tiny rolls, then coat with potato starch
before putting them into hot oil

(A)150 gm minced pork
1 tsp light soy sauce 
1/8 tsp of ground black pepper

(B)Sweet Sour Sauce ingredients 
2 tbsp Sweet Thai chilli sauce
2tbsp tomato sauce
1 tsp of chopped garlic
1tbsp olive oil
3/4 cup water or more
salt to taste

1pickled mini cucumber - diced
1 large tomato - diced
1 small red onions - diced 


1. Seasoned the minced pork with black pepper and light soy sauce, shaped into tiny rolls, then coat with potato starch
before putting them into hot oil. Fried till mini pork rolls turned golden brown and cooked. Dish up and drained off excess oil.

2. In a frying pan, add 1/2 tbsp oil ,saute chopped garlic till fragrant. Add in all the sweet Thai chilli sauce and tomato sauce , a few seconds later add in water and boil till gravy simmers, add in pickled cucumber, tomato and onion. Add salt to taste. Once the gravy boils, add in the crispy fried pork rolls and keep stirring till all the pork rolls are coated with the sweet sour sauce. Off heat and dish up. Serve hot with rice.

GANCUBE World famous Speedcube Brand

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Cubing is a great fun activity for children as it will help them to concentrate on the task at hand. And as a challenge, they will attempt to make full utilization of their mental capabilities to tackle advanced-level problems. And every moves leads to a unique way of solving the puzzle. Cubing is also highly recommended for children as it is a great way to sharpen their memory and develop mental skill like think out of the box. Improves eye hand coordination skills and most important cubing helps them to stay focused and determined.

For adults it helps to uncomplicate thinking, helps to declutter the mind, and build patience, improves muscle memory, improves problem solving skills, keeps the mind active to prevent dementia, help fingers gain agility and will surely keep the fingers in shape , sharper and strongly coordinated with the mind. Cube solving puzzle requires memorizing many algorithms while twisting and turning the layers in under a few seconds.

“ A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away “  Cubing helps to keep your mind stress free and healthy.


Friday, August 19, 2022

Kuih Bingka Ubi / Baked Cassava Cake

Hubby and I had a sudden craving for Nyonya Kuih - Kuih Bingka Ubi especially which we have not eaten since the start of the Covid 19 pandemic. Saw some very nice Cassava in Jaya Grocer and I knew I had to buy some back to make this Kuih Bingka Ubi.  I used Sonia's recipe but I tweaked the recipe a bit by adding cassava starch from the squeezed out water of the grated Cassava and used brown sugar instead of caster sugar. The grating was the hardest , the rest was easy ,just measure out the ingredients and mix them together till well combined. Cut some Banana leaves from the garden and lay them in baking tins. It gives the Kuih the extra fragrant. Turned out great. A keeper for sure. Need to reduce sugar by 20gms. It tasted exactly like those sold by famous nyonya stalls in town. Craving fixed for now.

the texture is soft with a slight bounce

a 500gm of grated cassava can  make 2 baking tins- size 7.5 inches by 3 inches

lined the base and side of tin with banana leaves before pouring in the cassava mixture

add in the cassava starch- residue from the liquid squeezed out from the grated cassava

use a muslin cloth to squeeze out water from the grated cassava

Kuih Bingka Ubi / Baked Cassava Cake -  recipe from Sonia
500 gm grated cassava after grated and squeeze out juice (if not the kuih will be bitter)
1/2 egg
1 tbsp of  cassava starch ( residue of the cassava juice that was squeezed out earlier )
1/8 tsp salt
125 gm thick coconut milk
75 gm water
100  gm brown sugar - 70gm if you want it less sweet
20 gm salted butter

a tiny drop of yellow food coloring * optional

salted butter for greasing pan


1.Wash cassava, cut the hard head and tail, then cut into few segments. Use a knife to make a slit on the cassava segment, then peel off the skin.

2. Use a grater to grate the cassava till finely.Then use a muslin cloth bag to squeeze out the juices( dont need too dry, it is ok when leave it with some juices) the rest of the juice ,leave it to settle down in the bowl. Later can use the residue starch .

3. Add all the ingredients in a bowl, just use a bare hand to mix the batter till combined.

4. Pour the batter into a greased pan lined with banana leaves.
5. Bake at preheated oven at 200c (middle rack ) for 60 mins or till golden brown.

6. Remove baked cassava cake from oven, brush on a layer of butter to enhance the flavours.
 7. Cut into slices when it has cooled down completely with a plastic knife.


Sunday, August 14, 2022

Pillow Shaped Bak Chang Bamboo Leaf Pork Dumpling

This is my 2nd attempt at making Bak Chang /Bamboo Leaf Pork Dumpling and this time I tried a different style of wrapping. Instead of wrapping a cone shaped dumpling, I wrapped them to shape like a pillow. After watching many times on YouTube, on how to wrap a pillow shape dumpling, I managed to get it done and feeling super happy , and I find it easier wrapping them into pillow shape. The fillings are the same as the Hokkien Bak Chang. I improved on the taste by adding more salt to the glutinous rice and adding a bit more of the five spice powder to the meat. They turned out tastier and delicious. So proud of myself and I find making Bak Chang very addictive. And I have reduced pressure cook time to 30mins . I have some to friends . It is a blessing to give and share with friends.
my hubby loves it, he says it is 95 percent very near to those he bought, in term of taste and those that I made are less oily which he prefers

very happy with the well wrapped pillow shaped
need 4 pieces of bamboo leaves for pillow shaped dumpling
so proud that I managed to wrap it neatly
wrapping the dumpling is addictive
I won't get tired of wrapping them, it is the art of wrapping that I am getting addicted now
I can make 12 big ones with a kg of glutinous rice

Click here for the recipe
Click here for the method of wrapping

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Homemade Vanilla Peach Ice Cream

The weather is so hot and humid that I have been churning out more ice creams from my Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker. This time it is Vanilla Peach Ice Cream.  Ingredients used are Heavy cream, milk, sugar and peaches and vanilla extract . It is so delicious even though I used canned Peach for it. I preferred homemade as I can control the amount of  sugar and the flavours too.  Without an ice cream maker you can still churn out the custard with the food processor. No worry on this issue. Just that with an ice cream maker , it makes things easier. Manually done , a little bit more work as you have to set it a while and take out to whisk in the food processor or a hand whisk to break the ice particles in the custard for a softer and smooth texture. With an ice cream maker , straight from the chilled custard  to ice cream and you can serve straight from the ice cream maker or further set in the freezer for an hour before serving. This ice cream is perfect when you have guest over for dinner as an after dinner dessert.

I normally like to add fresh flowers from my garden as deco when serving to friends

creamy texture and full of peach taste with a hint of vanilla
ice cream maker makes making ice cream so much easier

chilled the custard before adding to the ice cream maker

Vanilla Peach Ice Cream
1 cup heavy cream
1/2 cup  milk
3/4 cup sugar ( I reduce to 1/2 cup sugar )
1 can of peach
1 tbsp of vanilla extract 
1 tbsp of lemon juice

Combine the cream, milk, sugar and vanilla extract  in a medium saucepan and heat over medium heat, stirring , to dissolve the sugar. Place the pan in the ice bath and stir occasionally until it cools to room temperature. Transfer to a contianer , covrr and refrigerate until thoroughly chilled about 3 hours.
About an hour before you churn the ice cream, add in the chopped and blended peaches mixture, stir in the lemon juice. Freeze in ice maker according to the manufacture's instruction. Transfer to a container and freeze until firm about 2 hours.

Why Use A Conical Fermenter?

Fermentation is a time-honored method of preserving food and liquids that was utilized long before the invention of refrigeration. This method has been around for a very long time. The production of fermented foods and beverages involves the manipulation of the growth of microorganisms and the activity of enzymes, both of which transform some of the food's constituents into other substances.

Food was traditionally fermented to extend its shelf life. To avoid food spoilage and prevent the growth of pathogens, unique chemicals, like antimicrobial peptides as well as lactic acid, are created during fermentation. People rapidly recognized that fermentation had many other benefits, including improving the flavor and texture of food and making previously indigestible vegetables like cassava nutrient-dense.

Microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast, and fungus are responsible for the transformation of organic molecules such as sugars and starches into ethanol or an acid during the fermentation process. Fermented foods benefit from the presence of these natural preservatives, which also enhance the flavor and consistency of the dish while imparting a flavor profile that is distinctively salty, and somewhat sour. Check out this link to learn more about the topic

Fermentation can occur naturally or spontaneously, and these are the two primary techniques. The first step in the process of spontaneous fermentation is either the initiation of fermentation by microorganisms that are naturally found in the food or environment, or alternatively, the insertion of a "starter culture."

The making of kimchi as well as sauerkraut, for instance, is an illustration of a naturally occurring fermentation, but the making of kefir or natto requires the use of a starting culture.

Fermentation is a process that is utilized in the making of many different types of food, including cheese and yogurt.

The process of fermenting is fraught with a great deal of unpredictability. These include the microorganisms that are doing the task, the nutritional significance of the components that are being utilized, and the environmental circumstances to which they are being subjected.

This implies that each of these elements gives rise to thousands of distinct types of fermented foods, each of which has its own unique nutritional value due to the related diversity.

A source of lactic acid bacteria with health benefits

The majority of fermented foods provide microorganisms that may have an impact similar to that of probiotics. This indicates that these bacteria might help restore the natural balance of bacteria in your stomach, which may promote digestive health and reduce any digestive troubles you may be experiencing.

The amount of bacteria that make it to the gut, where they could be beneficial, will rely on a variety of factors, one of which is the food in which they are delivered. The most beneficial foods are those that deliver fibers that are known as prebiotic. Probiotic amounts will vary, nevertheless, and the number of bacteria that make it there will vary depending on a variety of factors. You can definitely discover more by checking out this page.

Fermented foods, in addition to having a pleasant flavor, are packed with various kinds of beneficial bacteria and yeast. These occur naturally in some kinds of food. Consuming these meals helps maintain a healthy mix of beneficial and pathogenic bacteria in the digestive system.

This can improve one's general health in ways that scientists are just beginning to understand. Although most research has been on a limited scale, the outcomes have been encouraging. 

Easier to digest


Fermented foods can digest more easily in the body than unfermented meals. Why is that so? Well, that’s because some of the naturally occurring sugars and carbohydrates have been broken down. Fermentation, for instance, converts the lactose found in milk into two simpler sugars known as galactose and glucose. If you suffer from lactose intolerance, you may find that dairy products such as yogurt, kefir, as well as cheese are simpler to digest as a result of this transformation.

Increases the amount of nutrients

When we ferment particular kinds of food, we contribute to increasing the health benefits that they offer. This involves making the minerals and vitamins they supply for our bodies more readily available for absorption by our systems. This is due to the fact that some naturally occurring substances, such as the phytic acid present in legumes like soy beans, may prevent our bodies from absorbing certain minerals, such as zinc or iron.

Fermenting these foods, on the other hand, removes these so-called "anti-nutrients," which makes the foods' nutritious value more readily available to humans. The same positive effects have been observed with sourdough, including increased protein breakdown, decreased glycemic reactions, and increased mineral availability.

You may also improve your body's ability to produce B vitamins but also vitamin K by fostering the growth of healthy bacteria in your digestive tract, which may do this.

May lead to an improvement in our moods

It would seem that fermented foods might play a significant role, as our knowledge of the gut and how it affects our behavior and mood is rapidly expanding, and this may be due, in part, to the role that fermented foods play. It has been suggested that specific strains of the probiotic bacteria Lactobacillus helveticus and Bifidobacteria longum, which are typically present in fermented foods, may help alleviate some of the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Another strain of Lactobacillus casei, known as Shirota, has the potential to both affect the synthesis of cortisol and reduce the physiological manifestations of stress.

May be beneficial to the health of the heart

It has been shown that eating fermented foods as part of a well-balanced and healthy diet is connected with a decreased risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Some of the mechanisms at play may include only slight improvements in cholesterol homeostasis as well as decreases in blood pressure. Make sure to check out ABS Commercial to find out more!

Is eating fermented food safe for everyone?

The vast majority of people may consume fermented foods without any adverse consequences; but, certain persons, such as those who are intolerant to histamine, may have adverse reactions. In addition, you may suffer symptoms like bloating and gas if you have never consumed fermented foods before or if you are not used to consuming a diet that is high in fiber.

It is important to proceed with caution and seek the advice of a general practitioner or other qualified healthcare expert before giving fermented foods to an immunocompromised patient or someone who is terminally sick.

If you want to make your own fermented foods, you should always stick to the instructions, make sure to use clean equipment, and pay close attention to the fermentation durations and temperatures.

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