Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Bak Chang/ Bamboo Leaf Pork Dumpling

I can't believe I made Bak Chang from scratch. My first attempt and it turned out not too bad. The glutinous rice dumplings didn't explode in the pressure cooker nor drop out of their bamboo leavee wrapping. I would say though they were not pretty looking but they look quite legit. My kids kind words  "practice makes perfect". Anyway it was fun making them though it was quite hard folding the first few that I made but after a while I  managed to fold them without the glutinous rice dropping out from their wrapping  and though they were far from perfection, I am happy of my achievement. A lot of hard work but worth it!

It was slightly overbooked, the glutinous rice was a bit too soft, need to reduce the cooking time. 

the fillings consist of mung beans, chestnut, pork belly , shiitake mushrooms and salted egg yolk 

after a few tries, I managed to wrap the dumpling to pyramid shape, still need improvement 
if using pressure cooker, cooking time is 30mins

Recipe for the dumpling click here
Method of wrapping click here

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