Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pickled Ginger In Natural Pink

I love anything that is natural and I don't like food that uses food dyes .  I used to eat at Japanese Restaurant and I noticed that their pickled ginger are pinkish in color. And I thought they used food dye to make them pinkish.  I discovered that you don't need to use red food dye to make them pinkish recently.  A dear friend of mine taught me to use lemon juice on the young ginger slices before pickle them.  Wow...and true enough they turned a natural pink.  Woohoo..... dancing on my trotters now.  So , I am sharing here with you the secret of turning pickled ginger into natural pink :)   A very nice natural pink color...makes food interesting. You can add these pickled ginger to your salad or egg with century eggs appetizer or go with your sashimi...mmmm I know I am going to enjoy my pickled ginger for now :)  

soak the young ginger slices in lemon juice for
at least 30 mins...they will instantly turn pinkish

Pickled Ginger In Natural Pink  -adapted from  Tastehongkong  with a twist

600 gm baby ginger - scrap of skin, wash , pat dry and sliced thinly
1 tbsp coarse salt
2 tbsp sugar
1 lemon juice

Pickling solution
2 cups rice vinegar
1.5 cups sugar


Scrape off skin from baby ginger, wash and pat dry, slice thinly with a sharp knife or a mandoline. Mix the ginger slices with 1 tbsp of coarse salt and let them stand for an hour, after which some liquid will exude. Discard liquid and rinse with drinkable water, strain dry.  Add lemon juice and sugar, mix well . To ensure that the ginger slices are in good contact with the lemon juice, it is best to have them laid in a large flat container while they are being steeped. Stir and turn the ginger for several intervals. Leave it for 30 mins. The ginger will turn natural pink at this point. Pour away the lemon juice.  Place the pink ginger into a glass jar.

Meanwhile , cook the rice vinegar and sugar till the sugar has melted. Leave it to cool (10 mins ). When the vinegar solution has turned warm, pour over the ginger slices in the glass jar. Make sure the ginger slices are covered with the pickling solution.  Close the jar when the pickled ginger is completely cooled down.  Keep in the fridge and you can serve the ginger slices after 2 days.  This pickle can keep for months in the fridge.

Enjoy !

Monday, October 27, 2014

Spicy Dried Shrimp Sambal

WB has been craving for this Sambal Hae Bee/Dry Shrimp Sambal for almost a year....why I took so long to make some for him . Reason being, I had a surgery done and not fit to make for him. Now after recovery from the surgery, with his help of course , I was able to make a big tupper of it for him :)  He did the pounding of the sambal paste and I did the frying for him LOL!  Want to eat something nice, of course have to help...right?  That tupper of spicy drid shrimp sambal can last him weeks...a month at least :)  He has them in his sandwiches , rice and noodles sometimes.  Act as an appetizer too love it myself too !

I love my traditional mortar and pestle ...a gift from my mom when I got married

one can drool while frying the sambal.....awww the aroma filled the whole house
and the flies are looking for my house :p

Spicy Dried Shrimp Sambal  - WB's Kitchen

300 gm dried shrimp - soaked,  washed and pounded coarsely

ground ingredients below together :
one handful dried chilli  - soaked and pounded into paste
a thumb size dried shrimp paste /belacan
1 cup of shallots slices
1/4 cup of garlic
2 stalks of lemongrass -slice the white part
2 pieces of turmeric

1/2 cup of vegetable oil
4 -5 tbsp of brown sugar
1/2 cup of thick tamarind water
2 tsp of salt or to taste

Using a mortar and pestle, ground all the ingredients (A) into a paste.  Pound the dried shrimps coarsely ( coarseness depends on individual ) I like it  coarse.

Heat up a wok under medium heat, add in the vegetable oil and sauteed the ground ingredients till fragrant. Once the oil surfaced, add in the pounded dried shrimps and keep stirring till the dried shrimps are well mixed with the aromatic paste.  Keep stirring, lower heat, add in the tamarind water, sugar and salt and continue to stir fry till the sambal shrimps has become drier and fragrant.  Leave it to cool in the wok.  Once it has cooled down, store in air tight tupper or glass jar .  Keep in the fridge.  It can keep up to 3 months.

*            *            *

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Stir Fry Chinese Chives Flower With Fish Fillets

A simple yet delicious the aroma of stir fry chinese chives with lots of garlic.  I added slices of fish fillet instead of prawns.  My mom used to stir fry these chinese chives with chicken innards. Chicken gizzards and liver are our favourites but due to eating healthy , I have substitute them with fish fillets :) So freaking healthy...right? Surprisingly, WB loves it even though this was my first time introducing the dish to him.  It seemed his mom never cooked this for them...mmmm so I can conclude that my beloved mom in law doesn't like the smell of this chinese chives :) thus WB never get to eat this chinese chives.  

I sauteed the garlic slices till aromatic then lightly stir fry the fish fillets
till they are cooked... have to be gently with the fish or they will break into
pieces ;p  dish up the fillets and set aside before putting in the chives

once the chives are cooked, gently put in the cooked fish fillets
and gently blend the fish fillets into the chives.  
this dish is so yummy good that I will cook this again for sure !

Stir Fry Chinese Chives Flower With Fish Fillets  - WB's Kitchen

2 bundles of chinese chives - washed, cut into 1 inch lengths

1 piece of garoupa  fish- debone and cut into fillets marinate with
1 tbsp of chinese cooking wine
a dash of ground white pepper
a pinch of salt

2 cloves of garlic - sliced
1 tbsp of olive oil

1 tsp of corn flour
3 tbsp of water


Heat up wok over high heat, add in olive oil and saute garlic slices till aromatic.  Add in marinated fish fillets and stir fry till cooked.  Dish up and set aside.  

Add in the chives and stir fry till it is cooked.  Add in a pinch of sea salt for taste. Add in the cooked fish fillets and gently stir fry till the fish fillets are well combine with the chives.  Add in the thickening . Once gravy thickens, dish up and serve with rice.

*           *           *

Fried Rice With Fresh Oyster Mushrooms And Spring Onions

With so much of homegrown spring onions in the fridge, you can imagine fried rice with the spring onions as much as the rice LOL!  WB said my spring onions the amount is equivalent to the rice !  But it tasted awesome though the ratio is 1:1 :p  Anyway waste now as the saying goes.  It is almost drying in the air tight container and more over the new batch is almost ready for harvesting :)  I fried the rice with fresh oyster mushrooms and added red chillies to give color to the rice .  Serious, this fried rice was so delicious that I had second helpings even though I am suppose to lay off carbo :p

a tsp of dried mixed herbs gave extra flavor to the rice

love love the fresh oyster mushrooms and homegrown spring onions
and they make the fried rice not ordinary but very special indeed...
mmmmmm makes me hungry just looking at it now

Fried Rice With Fresh Oyster Mushrooms And Spring Onions  - WB's Kitchen


3 bowls of cooked rice

a handful of fresh oyster mushrooms - washed, squeeze dried and shred it
a handful of spring onions - sliced it fine
a slice of ginger - julienned 
2 cloves of garlic- chopped
chopped chillies - amount depends on individual taste
1 tsp of dried mixed herbs
2 eggs
1.5 tbsp of olive oil
1 tsp of sesame oil


Heat up wok, add in sesame oil, vegetable oil, throw in the garlic and sauteed till fragrant, add in the fresh oyster mushroom and stir fry till the mushrooms is cooked, add in cooked rice and continue to stir fry till the rice has a shine on them,  push rice aside, add in the eggs and when the eggs are about to set, push the rice down and stir fry till the rice are coated with the eggs.  Add in salt and mixed herbs and continue to stir fry the rice till it gives out a herb fragrant.  Add in the spring onions and sitr fry for a minute. Off heat and dish up and serve hot.

*           *           *

Graduation Ballroom Party For Jo :)

Jo will be graduating soon and her  faculty is organizing a graduation ballroom party for her and two of her colleagues.  Wow, she is excited and she and her colleagues  have been shopping  for  dresses since to attend the graduation party.  Last weekend  she went to many boutiques in KL but could not find one that  she likes.   She is having a hard time selecting a formal ball dress.  Well, it can be hard rushing from one boutique to another as parking is a problem besides the traffic jam.  She phoned me to ask me about my tailor.  She is even thinking of getting a tailor to tailor made one classy and elegant gown for her,  but unfortunately my tailor has retired and is no longer in the tailoring line.

Actually, Jo loves shopping online for her daily wears but she could not find one that is classy enough for a ballroom function.  There are many online boutiques but they do not have one that she likes , thus  the call back to her Mommy for help .  I am even more blur when it comes to online boutique so I picked up the phone and called my bbf, Claire and she gave me a few  online clothes sites , : Pickedlooks, etc.  Trust Claire to have every online clothes store on her finger tips. Love this buddy friend of mine.  She is truly a fashionista in her own rights :p  

I pmed to Jo  a list of online clothing store and she had a fun time  browsing through their range of clothings from office wear to  Formal Ball Dresses .  She fell in love with their wide range of ballroom gowns.  She even  print screen a few to show me…that is what new technology can do for  a smartphone.  We had fun discussion on whatsapp  and finally found a few that we think will look good on her. Well…the final decision is still for Jo to make.  But I myself have KIV a few , let settle mine when Jo has her pick coz I do not want to clash with her, buying the same gown…sometimes mother and daughter can have the same taste.  So , as a mommy , I will let her choose first.  Hers is more urgent at the moment.   Will share with you more on this website that sells the most beautiful gown I have seen thus far.  Sophistication and elegance are the words to describe this online store.  Jo is happy and I am happy too, thanks to Claire for the introduction.  

*              *               *
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