Thursday, August 27, 2015

Stuffed Hairy Gourd With Fish Paste And Fresh US Scallop

This is a very homecooked dish.  My mom used to stuff hairy gourd with minced meat and salted fish, braised with oyster sauce till the gourd is soft and tender. She cooked this dish often and my siblings and myself loved this dish very much. I still crave for my mom's cooking. She was one good cook and I regretted not having learned more from her when I was a teenager but as you know when I was a teenager I only know how to eat and sleep :p

My mom was called home eight years ago and gosh how I miss her....she was my best friend and she raised me up well. The only solution to the craving is to replicate her dish . Instead of stuffing with minced meat and salted fish...I used store bought fish paste and some fresh scallops. I steamed the stuffed gourd instead of braising . And gosh it was good too but can't beat mom's cooking.  I still need to improve my cooking skills.

I blanched the gourd for a min in hot boiling water
before filling with the desired meat filling

steamed until the filling is cooked thru and the gourd has 
become tender soft.   Cook a thickening sauce and pour over 
the steamed stuffed gourd

serve with hot piping hot rice

Stuffed Hairy Gourd With Fish Paste And Fresh US Scallop

1 med sized hairy gourd - pare off skin , slice diagonally into 1 3/4inch lengths, 
                                      remove center pulps with seeds, blanch with hot boiling water
                                      for a min, drain off water and keep aside

ingredients for filling

fish paste - store bought
fresh US scallops


the excess water from the steaming + 1/3 cup water
1 tsp + of oyster sauce
1 tsp of chinese cooking wine
1 tsp of corn flour
a dash of ground white pepper
* optional -salt to taste

spring onion and crispy fried garlic


1.  Pare off skin from hairy gourd, slice diagonally into 1 3/4inch lengths, remove center pulps with seeds, blanch with hot boiling water for a min, drain off water and keep aside.

2.  Stuff blanched gourd with fish paste into hollow part and place a fresh scallop on top, push the scallop inner so that it will not fall off the fish paste while steaming. Repeat until all the gourds are stuffed. Place on steaming plate and steam in hot boiling steamer for 15-18 mins or until filling is cooked through and the gourd is tender soft.  Pour excess water collected in steaming plate during the steaming process into a small cooking pot and add in oyster sauce and chinese cooking wine and corn flour, white pepper and cook under med heat to make a thickening sauce. Once the sauce thickens, pour over the steamed gourd and garnish with spring onion and crispy fried garlic.  Serve with hot piping rice.

Enjoy !

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Limestone's Fine Dining Restaurant, @Regalodge Hotel, Ipoh

After our bible class, our teacher decided to take us out for lunch. Hehehe I guess we are good students. Julie, Bill Chia and myself were treated to a wonderful lunch.  Great fellowship and a time of sharing.  Food was great and this was our first time here .  We will come back again to savor the rest of their menu.  Nice ambience and good service. Not only the food taste good but the presentation of food is brilliant !

Seafod Paella...very aromatic, prepared to suits asian taste bud

Grilled Salmon With Linguine

Bill and I ordered 
Grilled Chicken With Chickpea Salad

@ Regalodge Hotel Ipoh
131, Jalan Raja Ekram,
30450 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Tel No : +605-242 3241
Hours : Breakfast (7.00am – 10.30am), Lunch (11.30am – 2.30pm), Hi-Tea (Cake + Coffee/Tea) (3.30pm – 5.30pm), Dinner (6.30pm – 10.30pm). Closed for lunch and hi-tea on Mondays.

Exposure To Music From Young

I remembered when my kids started  piano lessons when they were 5 years old, their music teacher will encourage them to go for musical concerts.  We are lucky that we have a big cultural hall that is used for musical concerts.  I used to purchase tickets for the concert so that they get exposure to all kinds of musical instruments. My kids love music and they also loves performances by woodwind instruments.  And each time after watching a musical concert, my son would pester the dad to buy him a flute . Today he can plays a few musical instruments besides playing the keyboards :)

It is a blessing to have two family members able to play musical instruments and I feel it is always good to expose children to music when young.  It is a pleasure to listens to them play not just the piano but other instruments like flute, guitar and saxophone.   My blessings indeed!
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