Saturday, April 29, 2017

Prawns Fritters

I fried some prawn fritters for my Wildboar as he can eat seafood because his cholesterol and blood pressure reading is good . So he can still enjoy some prawns ,unlike me, I have to be careful as I tend to over indulge where seafood is concerned :p His dad, my father-in-law made the most delicious prawn fritters but alas I did ask him for the recipe when he was alive.  So I have to guess how he did it.   I remembered he said something like 3 types of flour - rice flour, corn flour and all purpose flour, but the ratio of the flour I am in the dark.  I just simply add the ratio of 3 part all purpose flour, 2 parts rice flour and 1 part corn flour. I added 1 tsp of baking powder for a fluffier texture.  It turned out not bad, soft on the inside and crisps on the outside.  Nice !  I added chopped spring onions and chopped chillies for some heat and some Maggi chicken granules for taste. I did not measure the water, just add to the right consistency, not too watery neither too thick.  Added an egg too .  I guess this is an old fashion method of making the batter for the prawn fritters :) but on a healthier note as I fried them in a few tablespoons of rice bran oil in a non stick pan.  Anyway it taste good ( how I know coz I stole a piece to taste the texture of the batter ! ) and Wildboar loves it though it may differs a bit from his dad's preparation.  I kicked myself for not asking him to give me his exact recipe!!!

fresh sea prawns makes the best prawn fritters
smell good and have a firm texture

I add only just enough oil to make the prawn fritters as you can see
in the picture above.  The inside is soft and the edges are crispy
healthy way to fry prawn fritters

thai chilli sauce as dip for the prawn fritters

crisps edges, hubby loves it ! and that is all that matters :)

 Prawns Fritters


18 pieces of sea prawns - medium size , remove shells and deveined
marinate deveined prawns with 1 tsp sugar and a pinch of salt

150 gms of AP flour
100 gms  of rice flour
50 gms of corn flour
1 tsp of baking powder
1/4 tsp of Maggi granules * to taste
2 tbsp of chopped spring onions
1 tsp of chopped 's eyes chillies
1 egg
water at room temp - add in slowly to the flour ingredients to make the right consistency

rice bran oil for frying the prawns fritter


Place ingredients (A) in a small bowl and give it a quick stir so that the ingredients are well mixed together- add in water slowly to flour mixture.  Add just enough water to get the right consistency. Leave the batter aside for 15 minutes before adding in the prawns .

Heat up just a few tablespoons of rice bran oil in a non-stick pan.  Once the oil is hot, scoop a small ladle of batter plus two prawns and gently place them on the pan, leave a space for the next scoop and repeat till the pan is filled with dollops of batter/prawns.  Once the bottom sides are crisps, turn them over and once the other side is brown, dish out and place on paper towels to absorb excess oil. Repeat till all the batter and prawns are used up. Serve with chilli sauce of your choice.


Recording King Acoustic Guitar A Gift For WildBoar?

I am running out of ideas what to get for Wildboar comes this August.  His 58th birthday ! Still young and can still learn how to play the keyboard . We have been trying to get him to learn all the chords for the keyboard and I guess he takes longer to be good at it.  I am now thinking of getting him a better performing guitar for I  just discovered he can strum the guitar well. My boy left his guitar for his dad when he went to work in the Lion City. And since then this old Wildboar of mine has been playing with it since.  My son actually inherited the guitar from his grandpa , thus it is quite old and doesn't sound its best.  So I am now searching on line for a better one for him and maybe it will be a great idea to give a new guitar as his birthday pressie.  Should I or should I not ?

As usual Joe our music friend is very in favor of me getting one for WB as he thinks it will get him excited to jam out with them when they go music jamming over the weekends :)  I have done a search online and found this acoustic guitar which is quite affordable and since they are having a sale on and shipping service is available to me , it should be a great deal after all. If you guys are also looking for a good guitar , like this recording king, check it out at . You can view their wide range of acoustic guitars and pick one that you like.  Good news, they are having sale now.

I might get rid of the old one and replace a new one for my Wildboar.  For me I love photography, so upgrading to a better one is my dream.  LOL, gosh I may as well tell him to upgrade one for me instead of hinting all the time.   I love my camera just like he loves his keyboard and guitar.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Bittergourd Salad With Wafu Dressing

If you are a bittergourd/bittermelon lover, you will surely love this salad.  I replicated the same salad which I had eaten at a Japanese restaurant in KL with my daughter. She recommended me this salad dish and after tasted it. I was head over heel in love with this dish and I told her I will replicate it for sure.  As we were eating it, we were trying to identify the ingredients used for the salad dressing. And bingo, my daughter got it is Wafu dressing ( japanese- style salad dressing ).  I came back googled for wafu dressing and Voila, she got it right.  It tasted exactly the same as the one which the one served at the Japanese restaurant. I could not contain my joy and I had to text my daughter   " Wow, its exactly the same as the one we ate at the restaurant...your wafu dressing is a spot on "  . I sensed her head swelling through the phone LOL!  My daughter JO is a great taster and she can guess the ingredients faster than me. A keeper for sure and I shall be eating this often as I have my own homegrown plant to supply me endless bittergourd.

This is one healthy and delicious salad that I would like to share with my readers .  Bittergourd has lots of health benefits and they are delicious in however you cooked them. Turning them into salad is a wonderful idea from the Japanese restaurant we went.  And thanking my daughter for introducing me this salad dish.  She is my bestie for sure.  We both love eating and replicating dishes from home :) And I don't nicknamed her Piggy JO for nothing LOL !

these are main ingredients used for making the salad

this is the Japanese Grain Vinegar I used in the making the
Wafu Dressing

wafu dressing ...a beautiful Japanese style salad dressing..a keeper for sure

I rested the wafu dressing for 20 mins before using them
as I feel the ingredients will have enough time to 'married to each other'
and gives the dressing a more flavorful one for this salad

after dressing the salad, garnish the top with bonito flakes and
some toasted wasabi flavored seaweed

this is a keeper for sure

Bittergourd Salad With Wafu Dressing


3 karela ( indian bittergourd )  
1 red onion- sliced thinly

bonito flakes
toasted wasabi flavored seaweeds

Wafu dressing - adapted from Just One Cookbook

1 tbsp of grated onion with juice
3 tbsp of vegetable oil * I used rice bran oil
3 tbsp of Japanese Soy Sauce
3 tbsp of rice vinegar * I used Japanese grain vinegar - it taste better
1 tbsp sugar
freshly ground pepper
1/2 tbsp roasted sesame seeds * I omitted coz I ran out of sesame seed

Put all the dressing ingredients above in a small bowl.  Whisk the ingredients together to create a perfect blend.  Leave it to rest for 20 mins to allow  a more intense flavor.

Prepare the karela ( bittergourd )
sliced thinly and season with salt to draws out bitterness and water. wipe dry with the kitchen paper towels.  Lay them on a salad plate together with the onion slices.  Drizzle the salad dressing over the bittergourd onion slices. Topped with bonito flakes and toasted wasabi flavored seaweeds.

Note:  I like it chilled. It taste better if chilled.  Can be served at room temperature.

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