Monday, April 27, 2015

Lunch @ Restoran Brogla, Broga, Semenyih

Each time I visit my gal in  Semenyih, I look forward to the food there.  They are a few new places Semenyih that offers good and delicious food. And  today, I would like to introduce you to this restaurant in Broga, Semenyih called Restoran Brogla.   My gal and son-in-law brought us ( WB, Joshua and myself ) to this Restoran Brogla during our recent trip there , and really, they serve good dishes that had me craving for more even after a hearty and heavy meal.  I told my gal, I am coming back for more and now I am already planning my next trip there.  

Their signature dish is the Assam Petai Tilapia ( pic above) is really lip-smacking good..the fragrant and taste is fantastic.  I wish I could cook at home this dish :p anyway, I will try to replicate and see if I could get near there where taste is concerned.  And the second dish , yummilicious pork intestine with fried dried shrimps and bird's eye delicious that now I drools as I am writing this post.

this dish is what I would recommend you to order if you are eating there

prawn mantis in salted duck yolk
thumbs up for this too

crispy chicken cubes cooked Mangolian style :)
creamy and tasty 

simple stir fry sweet potato leaves with garlic

And this is the restaurant worth going to :)

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Silky Smooth Dried Oyster, Peanut Porridge

Before the GST came into force in April,  I bought my very first electric pressure cooker - Philips Pressure Cooker for RM475 from Jusco during Jusco Privilege Card Day. 5% discount on all electric goods and on top of that I received  RM40 vouchers plus a set of Philips ceramic knives .  A good deal no doubt , but the most important point is with this cooker, I get to cook food in lesser time and tastier food.  

I thought that after retirement, I will have lots of free time to cook dishes that takes up lots of time but I discovered that it was not to be.  I am out most of the morning coz I got myself committed to many activities :p  Thus, getting this PPC was a good choice/ With it , I can stew, braise, steam, bake in lesser time and food taste better too.  My first try on this PPC was to cook this flavor packed porridge and guess what... I have this silky smooth tasty porridge ready in 30 mins.  And it can keep the porridge warm the whole day. It has this keep warm mode,  This PPC is a great help to my busy lifestyle :) 

The ingredients used for the porridge are dried oysters, preserved turnip( tai tau choy in cantonese), soften peanuts and soft bone pork and rice, salt to taste and ground white pepper. I dumped everything into the pressure cooker and add water to slightly above the 1/3 water level mark and press the porridge mode.  KPT is 13 mins.  Once it is done, allow it to depressurise by itself and then it is ready for serving.   I am happy with the PPC and will be using it very often as I find it very convenient. While it is cooking my food, I can do my gardening.  Hahaha no more worries about food getting burnt  !

 this amount is for two persons :)

my new toy :)

a bowl of silky smooth flavor packed porridge

Have a great weekend !

Top 5 Italian Food Restaurants In Singapore

When it comes to Italian food restaurants in Singapore then the list is endless. You will certainly find plenty of them. Sitting in the background of a luxurious and stylish ambience-smacking over some great Italian cuisines, you will never feel that you are out of Italy.  Whether it is your romantic date or any other special occasion, sitting there, you can enjoy every bit of it, truly in a great Italian Style!
Italian foods are a mixture of different cuisines of different regions of Italy. But in Singapore, you can have all of them in one Italian Restaurant. Italy has contributed a lot to the world speaking in respect of some excellent lip smacking foods like Pizza, Pasta, Rissoto, and Lasagne. Italian foods are loved by all. Even Singaporeans can’t resist their temptation for best Italian foods in town!

Here goes the list of top 5 Italian food restaurants in Singapore. They are absolutely superb for any occasions. From ambience to delicious foods-everything you will find to be of impeccable class and style. So let’s go out in the world of Italian food restaurants in this Lion Island.

1.      Ristorante Amarone
Ristorante Amarone is one of Singapore’s most sought after Italian food restaurant. The foods they serve are truly Italian in taste and flavor. Their presentation aspect is too good! Excellent Service, truly authentic Italian meals, friendly staff and great value for money! Their personalized services are truly worth commendable. Here you can have one of the best pastas in the world. You will also fall in love with their wine selection!

2.      OSO Restorante
Housed within a traditional heritage shop house in the heart of Chinatown- it falls in those rare list of traditional Italian food restaurants that you should never miss if you genuinely love Italian cuisines. It is equally popular among all. At OSO Restorante, mostly you will find the foods to be hearty and generous. From meals till deserts and wine too-everything you will like.

3.      Capricci
Unarguably one of the best Italian foods restaurants in Singapore! It is one of the most favored places of dining of those who love Italian Cuisines. Apart from enjoying some other Italian foods, you will also love eating Pizzas at Capricci! You will find it to be very nicely done with a lovely base!

4.      Fratini La Trattoria
 10 Greenwood Avenue, at Hillcrest Park in Singapore, it is everyone’s delight especially when it comes to Italian cuisines. The foods that it serves meet highest Italian standards-especially talking in terms of taste and flavor. Its guests just swear by the name of it. It is absolutely unique in every way. Chef Gabriel’s mouth watering creations make everyone go crazy behind it!

5.      Basilico
Most probably it is one of the best places to have Italian foods in Singapore where you can dine with much ease and comfort. It offers a great value for money. It features wide assortment of cured meats, cheese and bread and awesome sea foods. The foods that it offers are fresh, tasty and very well presented.

You can also connect with these restaurants online through Foodpanda,, Pizzahut, Dominos, Redmart and Groupon. You can order any food of your choice once you connect with these websites. For more offer and deals for food visit  
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