Saturday, January 30, 2016

Potato Salad With Crispy Bacon Chips

On my daughter's recent trip home, she taught me how to make her favorite potato salad .  I like her recipe , all she did was to steam the potato cubes instead of boiling the whole potato. She added chopped red onions and chives with enough salt and black pepper to the Japanese was really delicious.  Now is the time to learn from her some good recipes...mommy taking lessons from her daughter * wink  I am proud that she is a good cook in her own right :)

I decided to make the same potato salad but gave it a tweak...I added some crispy bacon chips to the salad for I know that the Wild Boar would surely love it and true enough, he almost emptied the whole bowl of salad :)  A simple potato salad yet rich in flavor !  WB had the salad with his English Rose Roast .  Normally, I will serve him green salad but for this once, I served him potato salad . He loves it so that is all that matters.  And for me,  I  had this delectable potato salad for dinner.  Light and easy for me :)

pan seared the bacon till browned and crispy

once bacon has cooled, chopped the crispy bacon into smaller bits

add the crispy bacon chips to the chilled potato salad

Potato Salad With Crispy Bacon Chips 


2 big Russet potatoes - remove skin and cut into 1/2 inch cubes

1/2 red onion - minced
2 tbsp of cut chives  * I used spring onions instead
4 or 5 tbsp of Japanese mayonnaise
sea salt to taste
1 tsp of  freshly ground black pepper

2 strips of bacon


1.  Wash the russet potatos, remove skin and cut into 1/2 inch cubes.  Steam the potato cubes for 15 mins or till cooked .  Take out and leave it to cool.

2. Mince the red onion and cut chives finely, add to  Japanese mayo .  Add fresh ground black pepper and sea salt to taste to the mayo. Give it a stir and pour the mixture on the cooled potato cubes and give it a quick mix.  Make sure all the potato cubes are coated with the mayo mixture.  Wrap the bowl of salad with cling wrap and chill in the refrigerator till it is ready for serving.

3.  Pan seared the bacon strips till browned and crispy.  Once it has cooled , crush into bits.  Add to the chilled potato salad and serve as a sides .


Monday, January 25, 2016

Claypot Braised Fish Head With China Yam And Leeks

Thanks to Wendy of Table For 2 or More for posting up on facebook about the yam from China. That very day, I went and bought 2 for a song...lucky for me because after that it was totally sold out after her posting. You see how influential she word and all was sold out fast after her post :p I went back to buy more for making fritters the next few days.  No luck, they ain't selling anymore in Tesco.

With the two that I bought, I braised half of the yam with fish head and china leeks...gosh it was good. The yam was fluffy and because of that, it absorbed in the flavors from the braising of the fish head and leeks :) Choose fish head from Grouper/'Sek Parn' or Threadfin / 'Soong Hong' or 'Giant Mak Yau 'or Snapper /Ikan Merah.. meat is firmer. For this kind of cooking you need firmer meat :)

I braised the yam in my favorite claypot :)

ingredients :  'soong hong' fish head from Jusco, china leeks
and the china yam, and beancurd(foo chook )

love this delicious and flavorful braised yam dish 
and I can have the whole fish head to myself :p
WB doesnt eat fish, he is a meat man but I am training him 
to eat more fish then meat.....but condition is I must debone it 
for a child he behaves at times :)

the china leeks added flavor to the dish...
and china leeks has a stronger flavor than local ones

Claypot Braised Fish Head With China Yam And Leeks


1 fish head -med. sized ( fish of your choice ) you can deep fried the fish head
* for healthier version, I opted out the deep frying, I lightly seared the fish head with
a few tbsp of vegetable oil. Season fish head with salt and ground white pepper and
two tsp of corn flour

1/2 china yam - peeled, cut into 1/2 inch thick slices
a few sticks of dried beancurd (foo chook)
2 stalks of china leeks - cut into 1" inch length

3 slices ginger
2 cloves garlic, minced

seasoning (1)
2 tbsp light soya sauce
1 tsp dark soya sauce
2 tbsp Chinese cooking wine
2 cups of water

pinches of salt to taste

1 tbsp cornflour mix with 3 tbsp of water


Lightly seared the fish head that has been seasoned with salt, white pepper and corn flour in the claypot with 3 tbsp of vegetable oil under med. low  heat till lightly brown.  Take out the fish head and keep aside.   With the excess oil, fry the cut yam till lightly brown ( so that it doesnt get mashed up during the braising ) , take out the yam and keep aside.   

Add in garlic and ginger slices and sautee till fragrant, add in the seared fish head and yam and seasoning (1) and slowly braise the fish head and yam under low heat.  Once the gravy boils and the fish is cooked thru and yam is soften, add in the beancurd and leeks.  Cook for another 15 mins and add salt to taste and thickening .  Serve hot with rice.

Enjoy and have a great day !

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Grilled Ikan Cincaru With Grated Turmeric And Delicious Onion Sambal

Checking through the freezer , I  found that I still have a few packages of fish and meat that needs to be eaten fast within the week.  I realised that I bought them a month ago and they have been sitting in the cold freezer haha waiting to be cooked. I have been busy with lots of stuff that, I have forgotten about the fishes and meat I bought a few weeks ago ! No worries, if the seafood is fresh when you bought them, they can remain fresh for a month...that is what I discovered :) 

Took the fishes out from the freezer and after thawing them, found them to be Ikan Cincaru or known as hardtail scad The best way to eat this fish is to either stuff them with chilli paste and deep fried or to grilled them and eat them with hot and sour dip sauce.  

I decided to grill them wrapped in banana leaves , firstly it is healthier and secondly , it taste good to eat with my own concoct onion sambal.  The hardtail scad has a hard layer of scale like thing which helps to keep the flesh moist and juicy while cooking, either deep fried or grilled.  For me , I love the baby ones...reason being the texture is smoother .

I grated some fresh tumeric and rub over the fish,
sprinkled some salt  and wrapped them with banana leaf

grilled at 180 C  for 25-30mins - the banana leaves are kept in freezer
thus for the color...:)

smell good anyway...:)

serve the grilled fishes with own concocted onions sambal -
slices onions thinly and add to homemade sambal belacan
a squeeze of calamansi juice...that's it !

delicious grilled fish and the heavenly onion sambal !

Grilled Ikan Cincaru With Grated Turmeric And Delicious Onion Sambal

Grill fish -

2 Ikan Cincaru - clean, wash and pat dry
2 tsp of grated turmeric - 1 tsp for each fish - rub on the fish
2 tsp of salt - 1 tsp to each fish

1 piece of banana leaf - wash and pat dry with paper towel

Method :  

Season the fish with salt and grated turmeric.  Wrap the fishes with banana leave.  
Grill in oven @180C  for 25-30 mins or till the fishes are cooked through.

Onion Sambal 

4-5 shallots - slice thinly
2 tbsp of  homemade sambal belacan
2 calamansi juice

Combine the above together in a small bowl till well combined. Ready to serve as a dip for the grilled fish.

to make sambal belacan

5-6 fresh red chillies - deseed and cut into big slices
1/2 inch belacan ( shrimp paste )  - toast in wok till fragrant

Pound the cut slices of red chillies in a mortar and pestle , add in the toasted belacan and continue to pound till the chillies and shrimp paste are well combined.  

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