Wednesday, April 24, 2013

North Indian Cuisine @ Pakeeza Restaurant

Wild Boar and I had a simple lunch at Pakeeza Restaurant.  WB had a sudden craving for North Indian cuisine and thus he drove me to Pakeeza Restaurant and there we had a simple lunch but a satisfying one :)  I can never cook indian cuisine and it was a great idea to eat out at this place.  Love their Chicken Vandaloo and Brinjal Pajeri.  WB ordered their Plain Briyani Rice to go with the Chicken Vandaloo and Brinjal Pajeri while I ordered their Masala Kulcha which is actually Naan with chopped veggies in it.  Very satisfying lunch indeed :)   Read on to see the dishes that made WB so happy :p

Diamonds Are Girl's Best Friend

Years back , when Wild Boar proposed to me, I told him no engagement diamond ring, no YES  :p  Just kidding !  He is such a darling , I would not say that to him !  Diamonds are girl's best friend and Wild Boar knows that. He proposed and I said YESSSSS and he took out from the box  the most beautiful diamond engagement ring I have seen.  The diamond stone may be small  but it brought  sparkles to my eyes when I saw the ring :)))  Beautifully set in white gold and it fits me well.  You know my Piggy Josh wants to get married at an early age ( my eyes rolled when he told me that)  Wild Boar told the son that girls like diamond engagement rings and told him to get one for his Elaine when he propose :)

The Smell Of Expresso And Summer :)

As the summer is approaching, I’m finding myself waking up earlier and earlier every day. The sun rises before 6 o’clock in the morning now, so I find myself needing a couple pick me ups throughout the day. Some of my favorite things to boost my energy are eating fruit, getting a little exercise, having an espresso shot, and taking a nap.

1)      Eating the right nutritious meals to keep you going through the day. According to a valuable resource, strawberries contain 59g of vitamin C per serving. I especially like to mix them with my yogurt in the morning. Vitamin C is a sure fire way to keep you awake and alert, with most immune boosting citrus fruits, enhancing your energy and even your mood. One of my favorites is picking a papaya, or an orange fresh from the trees, both containing a high volume of vitamins in each!

2)      Exercise, exercise, exercise! Around lunch time, I sometimes find myself dragging. According to some recent studies, every 30 minutes, you should take a small walk for a couple minutes. This will help you become more alert of your surroundings and get your brain restarted. Taking a break from your studying or work, by doing a couple jumping jacks, or lunges. This is a healthy way to energize your mind and body.

3)      Once of my all-time favorite gifts, I ever got, was the best automatic espresso machine. Doctors are now saying that there are many benefits to a cup of coffee or shot of espresso, including preventing Diabetes, Parkinson’s and even colon cancer. Scientists have found that espresso is better than coffee because of how it is brewed with steam, making the flavors and antioxidants more prominent. I like to enjoy my home espresso machine for that extra “pick-me-up” in the morning!

4)      Last but not least, everyone could benefit from a 20-30 minute nap. This is pretty obvious, it’s best to be well rested in any case. I’ve actually heard of a more trendy way to nap… it’s called “caffeine naps”. This is where you drink your espresso, and immediately lie down for a 15 minute power nap. The background on this, is that caffeine takes about 15 minutes to kick in your body. The nap should allow the espresso to kick in, right as you’re waking up from the nap. There are many people that swear by this, and I’ve found it has worked wonders for me!

With summer time coming quickly, the days are getting longer and it’s becoming more and more difficult to fall asleep earlier with the sun up, I have found all of those ways to keep me alert and ready for anything! So next time you’re hunting for some energy, try one or two of these ideas, and let me know what you think!

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spicy Shiitake Mushroom Kimchiguk

As I mentioned in my previous post, I could not wait to cook the kimchi that I made a few weeks ago.  I have some fresh mushrooms available...enoki and shiitake and making kimchiguk  ( korean soup )with them would be great.   Simple yet deliciously appetizing and not forgetting to mention that this soup is so healthy that I don't mind having this kimchiguk everyday.  You can have this kimchiguk with noodles or rice.  Either one, it is delicious !   Read on to see how easy it is to prepare this kimchiguk.

Pools Need Maintenance

My brother in NJ wanted have a pool built at the side of his house. His side land is vast and he was told that swimming is the best form of exercise .  But pool maintenance can be pricey.  He checked the prices for maintenance and found that pool pumps are costly too should it need replacement in the later days. Unless there are discount pool pumps , having a pool means higher maintenance expenses :)  But considering it a benefit for all the family members, it would be good to have a pool built.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Homemade Kimchi IV - Revisited But More Fiery

I love kimchi !  I started making kimchi a few years back in 2009 and since then I have improved by leaps and bound LOL! JUst kidding I know self praise is no praise but I can tell you that it tasted better each time I make them.  This is motivation for me.  I used the same recipe but improved on the hotness :p.  For this load, I added more korean chilli powder.  I made them for my colleagues for they are fiery angels * wink.  They love hot stuff therefore the call for more chilli powder :) I gave them each  a tub and I told them that these homemade ones can last a few months.  One of them have started cooking with the kimchi, so looks like her tub won't last a few weeks LOL!  Btw, I have starting cooking my share too :p who could resists it for kimchi lover like us !  

Equine Couture Collections

Not only dogs are the pampered ones but horses too are pampered with beautiful saddle pads.  Saddle pads comes in many designs and colors.  I was browsing through for some dog blankets for my Charco and came across  some beautiful ones at equine couture . Gosh, horses too have their own saddle pads...beautifully designed and the horses will surely look more regal than ever when they have the saddle pad on :)  I have bookmarked this site for future online purchase for dog blanket for my dog Charco :)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Stewed Chinese Mustard Green And Roast Pig Trotters - ' Cai Boey '

To me this is the most appetising dish in the chinese cuisine.  ' Cai Boey ' in Hokkien literally means ' leftover food '  During my grandmother's time, the leftover food from a feast ,will be put together and stewed in a big pot the next day. Apart from the leftovers, she will add roast pig trotter, kiam chai (salted vegetable ) and gai choy (chinese mustard green) . She will add asam jawa / tamarind juice, dried chillies and sometimes pickled plums to the pot to enhance the flavor of the stew.  It is spicy , sourish  and tasty at the same time.  This dish is the family favorite :)    Today, we don't have to wait to have leftovers to cook this dish.  I did it my way though and it turned out on to see how this appetizing cuisine is being prepared :)

Print Software For WB's Friend :)

A friend of WB is in the printing business and he wants WB to recommend a printing software for his printing business.  WB googled and found this Web To Print Software, which is a highly customizable and powerful suite of software tools designed to enhance all aspects of your printing business. The friend is so happy after WB explained that the suite integrates a web-to-print ecommerce website with a feature rich set of order workflow tools and will help him dramatically slash overhead costs and grow his printing business in spite of competitive markets. WB is glad he found the right software for his friend!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Blanched Bean Sprout With Flavored Light Soy Sauce

You know, Ipoh is famous for their bean sprout.  Fat and short and meaty :)  You can either stir fry it or blanched it .  For me, I prefer it blanched with flavored sauce and topped with a heavy dash of white pepper , like those sold at the famous Lou Wong Ipoh Ngah Choy Kai/ Kai Si Hor Fan.  A must order dish from this Lou Wong.  This is home prepared....may not taste as good as those from Lou Wong but for me and Wild Boar, this is considered good.  Light and easy and less washing.


1 pkt of bean sprouts for two person - remove tails , washed and drained dry

flavored soy sauce

2 shallots- sliced and fried till crispy with  
2 tbsp of canola oil + 1/2 tsp of sesame oil
2 tbsp of light soy sauce
a dash of white pepper and sliced spring onion for garnishing


Blanched the bean sprouts in boiling water for 3 mins or till just cooked.  Quickly removed from heat and drain off excess water.  Keep aside.

Prepare the flavored soy sauce

Fry sliced shallots with canola and sesame oil till crispy in a wok.   Add in light soy sauce to the shallots and oil and let it sizzle for two seconds. Off heat.   Add in the blanched bean sprouts and mixed till well blended with the flavored soy sauce.  Dish up, sprinkle sliced spring onions and white pepper as garnishing.  Serve hot.

Pepper Spray !

As parents, WB and myself are worried about our children's safety wherever they are.  Reading the papers today, it sure gives you the shivers to see how bad crimes are in the place we stayed in.  Robberies and rapes happens every day and it is not safe to drive alone in broad daylight.  That is how bad the crime rate is today!  My Piggy Jo is staying alone and in a place where crime rate is high , WB suggested to get our girl some safety gadgets and pepper spray came to mind.   We googled where to buy pepper spray and found this interesting Safety Girl , a place where pepper spray is sold online. WB ordered a few for Jo and myself.  Precaution is better than cure :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Quick , Easy And Delicious Steamed Red Snapper

After so many nights of eating out, it would be nice to have light meals at home.  Steamed fish would be ideal  and I took out a piece of red snapper and steamed it for 8 mins with just a tsp of canola oil.  After the fish is cooked, add sizzled shallots and soy sauce oil to the cooked fish and it is ready for garnishing and serving :)   All under 30 minutes.  Quick and easy and delicious !  With the arm still mending :p  light and easy meals would be a big welcome for me and WB. For WB it just means less washing for him LOL!


read on to see how quick and easy this can be done :)

Line 6 M9 Stombox Modeler Guitar Multi Effects Pedal

Wild Boar told me that he might be going for jamming time at the music studio with his friends. They love jamming at this particular studio because it seems their guitarist likes the line 6 m9 there.  I don't want to ask WB what is a line 6 m9 , so I googled and read  some interesting reviews on  a Line 6 M9 Stombox Modeler Guitar Multi Effects Pedal.  Haha , the next time he talks about musical stuff,  I will understand his music language better :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Stir Fry Eryngii Mushrooms With Chestnuts And Browned Garlic

Of late, the price of Eryngii mushrooms have gone down from RM10 to RM8 per pack.  I took the opportunity to some back.  I like their springy texture . Slice them into 1/8 inch thick and stir fry with chestnuts...gosh , ONE word to describe this dish.  AWESOME  !  Simple yet deliciously tasty :)   I added deep fried cloves of garlic.  The garlic when lightly deep fried taste sweet..yea nice :)   This simple stir fry eryngii mushrooms with chestnuts and deep fried garlic is healthy yet delicious. Yum!  Click on for more :)

A Gift For My Four Legged Charco :)

Wild Boar will love this high technology that sportdog 800 has built into its e-collar which provides long range capability yo to 1/2 mile, making it well suited for long distance control of retrievers and big running dogs like my four legged Charco.  It functions instantly between stimulation, vibration and tone to fit the correction or communication to your dog's temperament and learning ability.  The Transmitter and Receiver are waterproof and submersible too. Wild Boar would love this 1-dog system but can be expanded to control up to 3 dogs by adding SportDOG Brand Add-A-Dog collars.  Wow , this is good news for Wild Boar and a wonderful gift for Charco :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ayam Percik Kelantan

I have a whole chicken in the fridge and tired of eating roasted chicken, I decided to try out my hands at making Ayam Percik Kelantan version for MFF.   To be frank, I am not good at cooking local Malaysian dishes :p   I told WB that I will try something different  this time with the chicken and he was a bit doubtful that I could whip out ayam percik for him.  He likes those sold at  'Ayamas ' though . I told him mine version would be better than Ayamas  LOL!    I cheated a bit here, instead of grilling over glowing charcoal , I grilled them in the oven :p   The weather was scorching hot and WB doesn't want to start the charcoal fire for me.  He said the neighbor will be jumping mad with the smoke !   But just the same, it tasted great despite being grilled in the oven .  It is quite easy to make this.  The recipe is taken from Betty Yew's Rasa Malaysia  

Impressive Presentation Folders !

Many of my colleagues asked what is my son doing now that he has graduated.  I told them he has joined a branding company in Singapore and he works as a Business Executive.  His job is to do planning for franchising and branding for his clients.  He has to do presentation and he told me that his presentation folders needs to be impressive so that it will have great impact on his potential clients. He found a great website for presentation folder printing and he is happy with his first job. His dream job ! :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Braised Chicken With A Sweet Twist

I remember my grandma used to cook this for us when we were young . Love the way she cooked it, tasted good with Teochew porridge . No matter how many times I cook this dish,I can never get near to hers :p  I regretted not learning from her.  Anyway, I added rock sugar to the cooking this time beside the normal spice ingredients and it turned out great.   Slurrp slurrp LOL!  Serve this with piping hot rice or a bowl of hot Teochew porridge . Read on for the recipe if you are new to this dish.  A simple dish but full of flavor :) I love it.  

Korg MicroKORG synthesizer/Vocoder

I know nothing about musical instruments except the piano :)  The other day, a friend was telling me about Korg MicroKORG Synthesizer/Vocoder which her husband bought for their son who is a young musician. She told me it comes with 37 keys and 128 user -rewritable programs and is perfect for the musician looking for a serious yet affordable synthesizer.  The perfect one for their son who is a budding musician and she told me that if I need anything for my son, I can check it out at   shop micro korg  . They have a lots of musical items that I can choose from. I will surely let my son knows since he is also a  musical person.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Aubergine Charlotte With Salmon

I saw some posts on aubergine charlottes and I am tempted to try them out using different fillings. Baking aubergine rather than frying them gives them the same melt in the mouth silky smooth texture but without absorbing much oil.  I find it so much healthier cooking aubergine/eggplant this way and you can have any fillings you like.  Great way of presenting an aubergine dish.  It is interesting to serve aubergine in little parcel to your guests.  You can have mushrooms and cheese as fillings or with salmon like I did.   This is so delicious and I will try the mushroom filling the next time I make this charlottes again. But for this time, I did it my way :p   Read on to see how this is being prepared.

Buy Gold Online :)

I asked a friend yesterday what she will do with her bonus that is coming her way and guess what she replied me.  Buy gold coins of course !  LOL!  I knew she would say that because she is a coin collector, whether it is gold or silver or platinum.  She advised me to invest in gold rather than putting the money in fixed deposit.  Well, I guess she has a point there. I will surely check it out and invest in gold coins too.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Houston Cafe, Ipoh - Small Kucing In Town

I am blessed whenever the Kucings are in town :) Reason being ,it means good food !!!  They  stopped by Ipoh on their way to Penang last Wednesday and we, Claire and myself, met them for lunch.  Claire the hostess took us all to Houston Cafe and we had a scrumptious lunch.  Here are the dishes she ordered for lunch....she loved their signature dish , the Assam Fish Head Curry but she mistakenly ordered their Fish Head Curry  . I loved the Kerabu Mango ( Asian Mango Salad ) and the Bittergourd With Salted Yolk !  Like I said before, food brings people closer together ...don't you agree ?   :)   

Down Sleeping Bag Sale :)

Josh wants to get a sleeping bag for himself.  He intends to go hiking with his friends during the summer holidays . Young people have different mind sets , they are more adventurous than their parents :p  and I will not discouraged him from doing so.  He found a website that has down sleeping bags for sale and he will purchase the one he has bookmarked when he gets his pay this week.  He sent me the link and we discussed that it was a good buy with the offer given.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Oven Baked Quail/ Burung Puyuh

It is not often that I see quails being sold in Jusco.  Last weekend, I happened to see so many freshly slaughtered ones sold at RM3 per bird.   They look huge and meaty too, I bought two birds home just to test them out. If they are good, then on my next trip to Jusco , I will buy more.   My colleague will normally deep fried them but I was thinking I wanted something more healthier, thus I oven baked them instead.    They turned out delicious and the quails looked like it has been deep fried :)    Read on to see how you can get the skin crispy and yet tender and juicy on the inside without having to deep fried them.

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