Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Stir Fry Eryngii Mushrooms With Chestnuts And Browned Garlic

Of late, the price of Eryngii mushrooms have gone down from RM10 to RM8 per pack.  I took the opportunity to some back.  I like their springy texture . Slice them into 1/8 inch thick and stir fry with chestnuts...gosh , ONE word to describe this dish.  AWESOME  !  Simple yet deliciously tasty :)   I added deep fried cloves of garlic.  The garlic when lightly deep fried taste sweet..yea nice :)   This simple stir fry eryngii mushrooms with chestnuts and deep fried garlic is healthy yet delicious. Yum!  Click on for more :)

Eryngii Mushrooms , ready cooked chestnuts, garlic and spring onions
makes a perfect combination for a vegetarian dish

take note that the cloves of garlic are lightly deep fried
before adding to the dish....the aroma of these fried garlic
 makes the dish really delicious

somehow, the springy texture of the mushrooms and
the sweet and fluffy browned garlic blends well
in this simple stir fry......mmmmm yum!

Stir Fry Eryngii Mushrooms With Chestnuts And Browned Garlic


1 Bunch of Eryngii Mushrooms - washed and cut into 1/8" thick slices
6 cloves of garlic - peeled and washed - lightly deep fried till light golden color
1 packet of precooked chestnuts
1 stalk of spring onions - cut into 1" length
1 clove of garlic - chopped finely
1.5 tbsp of canola oil

mix all the ingredients together to make thickening sauce
1 tbsp of oyster sauce
1 tsp of corn flour
1 tsp of soy sauce
1 tsp of chinese cooking wine
5 tbsp of water


Heat up wok , add in canola oil , chopped garlic and stir fry till fragrant, add in chestnuts, mushrooms slices  and continue to stir fry till well combined and cooked.  Add in thickening sauce and fried garlic and spring onions.  Stir fry till the gravy thickens.  Dish up and serve warm.


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  1. you know elin, sometimes i hv no idea how to slice these eryngii mushroom :D


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