Wednesday, April 24, 2013

North Indian Cuisine @ Pakeeza Restaurant

Wild Boar and I had a simple lunch at Pakeeza Restaurant.  WB had a sudden craving for North Indian cuisine and thus he drove me to Pakeeza Restaurant and there we had a simple lunch but a satisfying one :)  I can never cook indian cuisine and it was a great idea to eat out at this place.  Love their Chicken Vandaloo and Brinjal Pajeri.  WB ordered their Plain Briyani Rice to go with the Chicken Vandaloo and Brinjal Pajeri while I ordered their Masala Kulcha which is actually Naan with chopped veggies in it.  Very satisfying lunch indeed :)   Read on to see the dishes that made WB so happy :p


Chicken Vandaloo

vegetable curry
on the house

Masala Kulcha

Brinjal Pajeri...the best so far

and this is the happy Wild Boar 
bribe him to pose this for me LOL!
he is so fun to be with !

Pakeeza Restaurant & Catering
15-17, Jalan Dato Seri Ahmad Said 
30450 , Ipoh Perak
Tel : 05-2414243

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  1. yea, i like their brinjal pajeri too. Have you tried tandoor grill in greentown?

  2. Lena...I have not been to Tandoor grill yet :) The review is good so must go there and try it out one day :)

  3. I like their brinjal pajeri,chicken masala and their puri. Yet to try Tandoor Grill!


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