Sunday, April 21, 2013

Stewed Chinese Mustard Green And Roast Pig Trotters - ' Cai Boey '

To me this is the most appetising dish in the chinese cuisine.  ' Cai Boey ' in Hokkien literally means ' leftover food '  During my grandmother's time, the leftover food from a feast ,will be put together and stewed in a big pot the next day. Apart from the leftovers, she will add roast pig trotter, kiam chai (salted vegetable ) and gai choy (chinese mustard green) . She will add asam jawa / tamarind juice, dried chillies and sometimes pickled plums to the pot to enhance the flavor of the stew.  It is spicy , sourish  and tasty at the same time.  This dish is the family favorite :)    Today, we don't have to wait to have leftovers to cook this dish.  I did it my way though and it turned out on to see how this appetizing cuisine is being prepared :)

Wild Boar went to the famous coffee shop in old town serving Ipoh white coffee and bought a roasted pig trotter from their roast pork stall.  Ipoh people drinks white coffee with roast pork for their breakfast :p  Seeing the roast trotter, I knew he wants me to cook  'Cai Boey ' for our dinner.  The preparation took half the morning but it was worth it .  No words can describe the pleasure as we both attacked the dish greedily and allowed the flavors to titillate our olfactory senses...  mmmm this Cai Boey is truly the best appetizing dish in the chinese cuisine.

saute the chinese mustard greens  and salted veggie 
with a few slices of ginger  in a wok  before simmering them
in a glass pot.

I choose to simmer them in glass pot since the
 glass pot is the biggest amongst my other pots :p

add in water enough to cover the veggies and roast trotter,
dried chillies , assam keping ( dried tamarind pieces)
a piece of chicken cube seasoning and simmer over medium
low fire till it is aromatic and the veggies and trotters are soft

WB and I could not wait to savor them as
the aroma filled the whole house
while it was simmering in the kitchen stove

I cooked more so that we still  have plenty for the 
next day....two days of heavenly food
this is what a called a blessed meal ! :) 

Stewed Chinese Mustard Green And Roast Pig Trotters


* no measurement given

roast trotter - chopped up
Chinese mustard greens 
salted vegetable ( hum choy )
assam keping and tamarind juice
dried chillies
enough water to cover the vegetable


saute the chinese mustard greens  and salted veggie 
with a few slices of ginger  in a wok  before simmering them
in a glass pot.

Simmer over medium low fire till the trotters are soft and the vegetables are soft .  Add in seasoning according to one's taste.

*  it will taste better if kept overnight in the fridge...the flavors will be infused into the vegetables 

Enjoy and have a great day !

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  1. Very delicious and comforting. Love mustard green a lot!

    1. Angie :) yesssss this is the most delicious dish in chinese cuisine :p

  2. Howdy Elin! How's your day? Oh my, I am a die hard fan of this hot & sour stewed mustard green. My mouth is watering already. haha....
    Hope you're going to have a great week ahead dear.
    Blessings, Kristy

    1. Kristy!!! I am fine :) hehe yea make me drool too. Beh tahan, so got to cook this :) Hope you are having a great time cooking and baking . Will keep in touch with you soon :) Take care !

  3. Slurpssssss!!!! Drooling plus plus!!!

    1. Arthur :) Drool away, the bucket will be full soon :p

  4. I love this dish...usually i put leftover roast duck

  5. Kathy, you must try with roast pig trotters...yummy !


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