Saturday, August 31, 2013

Steamed Garoupa With Baby Spinach

Not wanting to give WB too much work when it comes to preparing our meal, I asked him to steam the garoupa fish together with baby spinach.  Steamed once and we get two dishes , the veggie and the fish LOL!  He is happy and I am happy too.  Not only save the gas but also the washing ! The spinach absorbs all the fish natural sweetness while it was being steamed in the steamer.  If you want to save work and time...this is how you can cook the veggie and fish together  :)  Healty and delicious ! Yummy !

Enjoy !

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Asian Cuisine App For iPhone/iPad/iPod

I love to cook and you can imagine my excitement when I came across this app Asian Cuisine by Duoguo . Inc. and I decided to purchase it being a food blogger. The first thing that I found extremely interesting is that it has lots of useful options which  I use regularly such as shopping list and also the ability to share recipes from within the app.

I normally cook meals for between two to six persons and this app makes it easy for me. Since Asian Cuisine has more than 90 different Asian recipes from Korea, Japan, China and Thailand,  it is simple for me to cook whether I want something quick and easy or something more elaborate.  Asian Cuisine is generous with mouthwatering photos which helps me a lot in trying out new recipes. I find trying out new recipes to be very challenging because recipes from different cultures may sometimes be very alien to me but Asian Cuisine has once again make it easier with helpful photos. The photos have definitely remove any ambiguity.

I can navigate easily through the app most of the time.  Another cute feature which helps me a lot is the kitchen timer, so my dishes comes out the way it is suppose to be.  As I said earlier, I sometimes share the recipe which I tried from within the app with some of my fellow bloggers. This app also allows me to track my favorite recipes so it is easy for me to cook them again.

A worthy mention about this app is that it provides my guests who has special dietery needs as it indentifies recipes according to the recipes dietery content for eg salt content, fat , etc . Asian Cuisine is definitely an impressive and helpful app which can be downloaded from iTunes store for $3.99.

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Dinner Prepared From The Heart

These few days,  I am like a queen being served her meals :)  Bliss right?  LOL, reason is I am not supposed to move the left advised to let the arm rest as much as possible ! Thus WB has to do all the cooking and washing . Tonight we had something simple.  Piggy Jo came back the weekend and brought with her two loaves of sourdough bread which she bought from Tommy le Baker.  She had been telling so much about this bread and tonight I get to savor it and yea , it was really good.  

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sesame Seed Crusted Meat Patties

These are simple to make sesame crusted meat patties . Seasoned the minced meat with spices of your choice or you can just seasoned with sea salt and paprika like I did and stir in an egg and a tablespoon of potato flour for crispness.  Coat the meat patties with sesame seeds before pan frying them.  The sesame seeds add fragrant to the patties and at the same time gave the patties the crunch on the outside.

Sesame Seed Crusted Meat Patties

300 gms minced meat ( pork or chicken)
sea salt to taste
a teaspoon of paprika
1 tbsp of potato flour
1 egg - Size C

50gm of white sesame seeds
a few tbsp of canola oil for pan frying


Seasoned the minced meat with sea salt and paprika for 20-30 mins. Stir in the egg and potato flour till well mixed.  Shape into ball, flatten into patties and coat both sides with sesame seeds.

Heat a few tbsp of canola oil in a non stick pan and gently slide in the sesame seed crusted meat patties and pan fried till brown and cooked.  Flip over and cook the other side till crispy golden brown. Take out and drain on kitchen paper towel to absord excess oil.   Serve  Thai chilli sauce as dip for the patties.

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Karaoke - De-stress Therapy :)

What do you do to destress after a hard day at work...for me, it is kneading bread and baking. I find kneading bread the greatest therapy for destressing oneself.  For my best friend Claire, she likes to sing to destress herself . Recently she was talking about having her own karaoke machine at home rather than to go to karaoke lounge with her friends...can be quite costly if she frequent the lounge often. Mmmm good idea to have her spare room converted into a sound room whereby she can invite all her friends to have a time of fun singing .  Who knows, I might be joining her for a session of singing to destress myself too if I am not baking that weekend :)  Her neighbor recommended her the exceptional vocopro karaoke machines at musician's friend   telling her that it is a good buy.  She can get a free bag to make all her karaoke equipment extremely portable.  I can't wait for her to get her sound room ready and with this karaoke machine, we can sing our favorite songs till dawn during the weekend :)               

Monday, August 19, 2013

Famous Ipoh Salted Chicken aka ' Yim Kuk Kai '

Ipoh is also famous for its Salted Chicken aka ' Yim Kuk Kai ' besides the Ipoh  'Ngah Choy Kai '.  I had this almost 3 times a week during my confinement days ....20 over years ago....shhhh Piggy Joanna will shut me up if I were to tell you the exact years LOL!  Anyway, it entails a lot of work, so it is better to buy from the famous shop in Ipoh.   I made this months ago before I hung up my arms :p   Luckily I had it made earlier or I won't be able to give her my support for MFF Perak , shortly after that...the arm pain came on to see how it is done at home.

Friday, August 16, 2013

WB's 3rd Birthday Treat @ Plan B , Ipoh

Haha, this is WB's 3rd birthday treat . I know you are bored of hearing this but for me, I feels he is the most happiest person on earth coz we celebrated 3 times for him, a day before, the actual day and the day after. ...and I am also indirectly reminding him that I too would want to have 3 days of celebration :p  Just kidding.  My Piggy Josh was back for his dad's birthday, my Piggy Joanna will be back next week to celebrate her dad's birthday so that means WB will be having his 4th celebration, though a belated one ! hahaha this year is truly a blessed year for him.   On the actual day, we took him to Plan B to try out their pasta and to our delight it was as good as the one I had in Plan B Publika . I heart their Wild Mushroom Pasta with truffle oil..lovely and I ordered the same one in Ipoh and gosh it was GOOD haha in fact they gave more mushrooms over here in Ipoh...good for me.  The birthday boy doesn't like pasta, so he ordered their Chargrilled Cheese Beef Burger and Piggy Josh had Asian Spicy Crabmeat Pasta and he said it was good too.  He had wanted to order the Moroccan Lamb meatballs pasta but they do not have it for the Ipoh branch at the moment.  Well...I would say it is better to wait another few months before you eat there.  teething period will be over then :) but for me, their wild mushroom pasta is really Ipoh and KL branches !

Asian Spicy Crabmeat Pasta
with curry leaves and coriander....Josh said it is delish

Wild Mushrooms Pasta with truffle oil
this is really GOOD!  I am going there again
to have this :p

*               *              *

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

WB's Birthday Celebration Started A Day Earlier @ Sushi Zento , Festival Walk, Ipoh

We had an early birthday celebration  for WB because I was too tired to cook and we both have a sudden craving for something Japanese....we both agreed to have at Sushi Zento coz Mokuren was closed on Monday and yay..excuse to celebrate early  LOL!   WB had a stir fry beef set that comes with a miso soup, sashimi , japanese coleslaw, and chawanmushi and I had a grilled salmon rice. WB is basically a meat eater so I took his share of sashimi  and chawanmushi .  Had some ebiko sushi and not to forget my favorite chuka idako :)  I remembered last year celebration was at Mokuren :)  We would prefer Mokuren but since it was closed on a Monday and we had this crazy craving so let it be Sushi Zento then :)  Anyway, we are a crazy pair....we always have an excuse to celebrate when the craving comes LOL!

WB happy with his set and I was eyeing the sashimi while
taking some shots  :p

mine favorite grilled salmon

haha finally the sashimi was all mine  :)

love their the fine shreds of cabbage
and the japanese mayo

took a close up of the tuna..lightly pan seared on the outside
and yet maintaining the raw inside...lovely

2nd birthday treat for Wild Boar.....

*              *             *

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wild Boar 's Birthday Treat From CG10 @ Tuck Kee Restaurant

We have two cell group members whose birthdays fall in the month of August. Wild Boar and Alice. So we decided to have a dinner for them and celebrating both birthdays together. Isn't it wonderful to celebrate with another sister in christ? And truly we had a wonderful time not just feasting on the delicious food but also a time of wonderful fellowship together. Building up relationship with one another and upholding each other in love. Cutting cakes together and blowing out the candles together is fun , makes you years younger...LOL! I would love that when my birthday comes.   Well, Wild Boar had a great time this year. He is a year older younger and he had 3 birthday treats this year.....(  I will post up in my next coming posts what he had for the 1st and 2nd treats :p  ) Wild Boar is truly a Wild Boar ! nom nom nom away !   This post will be on his 3rd treat. He had one a day before his birthday, 2nd one on his actual day and this 3rd one is a day after his birthday.  Lucky Boar !   Thank you CG10 for this wonderful dinner.  I will be going on oats diet for the next few weeks for mine is coming in October :p

Check out what we had at Tuck Kee Restaurant...famous for their roast duck ! Of course 3 of the dishes are from the roast duck :p   Thank you Ronnie Poh choosing the dishes for us :)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lempeng Pisang

This is another favorite tea snack of the Perakians :)   I used to buy this banana snack called Lempeng Pisang from our canteen before I learned how to make it !   And surprisingly, it is very easy to make them :)   My colleague gave me some tips and I managed to make it soft and bananalicious.  I used the recipe from HomeKeration  recommended by Wendy .  Instead of mashing it so fine, I mashed it coarsely so that you can feel the banana bits when you eat the lempeng and lessen the flour so that you can taste more of the banana and the texture of the lempeng will be softer.  Thank you to Pn. Amizan for her tips :)   Read on for the step by step pictorial guide on how to make these lovely soft and bananalicious tea snack banana leave wrapped Perak cake.

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed ! :)

Have you ever been in a situation whereby you are cash strapped ? I have been through that and I can tell you that it is not easy to open your mouth to borrow from a friend or to apply for a short term loan that needs collateral and you have none to offer.  Most people often find themselves without the cash they need in between paychecks when unexpected expenses show up out of the blues.  Expensive car breakdowns, appliances repairs and emergency doctor's visits can really drain a checking account, leaving you unable to pay your unexpected bills.  Most loan applicaitons are long and drawn out and most of them require you to consent to a credit check.  But I was fortunate to be informed by a close friend that with Loanswire , it is different.  Easy and quick applications online, no faxing and absolutely secure transactions. But one thing I do have to remember is , there really is no denying that there will be a certain financial risks involved in taking out any loan that cannot be immediately paid back.  Instant personal loans are no exception.  They do come with additional fees and charges as well as high interest rates and a very short turnarounds.  However, my friend told me that with the right knowledge and understanding about what to watch out for, instant short term loans can enable individuals to get the cash they need now without the fallout later.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Rendang Tok Perak

Rendang Tok is a very dark, dry beef rendang famous throughout the state of Perak. It has the most extensive list of ingredients and is believed to be created by royal cooks who had the means to acquire spices normally out of the reach of the general populace. Indian influences can be seen in the additon of spices used in curries. One of the unique characteristics of rendang Tok is that it contained shards of dry-fried coconut flesh. This gives it an extra "lemak" taste. You must take your time to enjoy this rendang and don't cast aside the floss-like stuff sticking to the beef- roll it on the tongue and feel it melting in the mouth, leaving behind a taste of galanggal, lemongrass and gula melaka .  My malay colleagues are preparing their menu for the coming Hari Raya celebration this coming Thursday. And I would like to showcase my version of the Perak Rendang Tok :)  I cooked this dish last Hari Raya in readiness for this month MFF . I may not be a good cook when it comes to malay dishes but with the help and guidance from my malay colleague, I managed to pull through and Wild Boar had a great time walloping this Perak speciality.   To all my muslim friends and colleagues, I would like to wish all of you an early greeting " Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri "   Drive safe and have a great time with your family and relatives this coming Raya.

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