Monday, August 26, 2013

Dinner Prepared From The Heart

These few days,  I am like a queen being served her meals :)  Bliss right?  LOL, reason is I am not supposed to move the left advised to let the arm rest as much as possible ! Thus WB has to do all the cooking and washing . Tonight we had something simple.  Piggy Jo came back the weekend and brought with her two loaves of sourdough bread which she bought from Tommy le Baker.  She had been telling so much about this bread and tonight I get to savor it and yea , it was really good.  

WB stir fried some oyster mushrooms with garlic and fine sea salt from Guérande with organic herbs.  He even prepared a salad for me...hahaha trust him , he dumped all the cherry tomato and fruits he can find from the fridge and even plucked some mint leaves from potted garden for presentation  wow, who is learning about presentation nowadays ! :)  I am truly amazed with his skill at times. He opened a tin of canned cream of mushroom soup too to go with our simple meal of sourdough bread.  Salute to WB for this simple meal.  Even with my pain, I will not missed out taking a photo of what he set for dinner for the two of us.  Something for him to remember by :)  Btw..I have been given a week off to rest the arm....but nothing can stop me from blogging not even the pain  :p

a plate of deliciousness in 
simple form :)

thank you Piggy Jo for the bread 
and I love it ! And Thank you
WB for the delicious meal :)

*               *               *


  1. Rest well, take care...hope all will be fine soon.

  2. How considerate of your hubby - a simple yet nourishing meal, prepared with TLC :)

    1. Hi Esther, yea he has kept his vow of for better or for worse he will take care of me ;) when he is not in the mood to cook,haha .... I will have to be contented with take aways ;p

  3. Get well soon Elin. But meanwhile enjoy being pampered by your loved ones.

  4. lovely dinner,take care and get well soon :-)


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