Saturday, April 10, 2021

Vegetable Korean Pancake/Yachaejeon

Light Lunch for us...Vegetable Korean Pancake /Yachaejeon with Sawtooth Coriander Dip .So yummy good. Of course I used the Korean Premix Pancake Flour. Easy to whip up

Recipe for two persons

1cup Korean Pancake flour ,1/2 cup water,1egg, 1/2 tsp chicken powder seasoning , 1/8tsp sesame oil, 1stalk leeks, 1small carrot and 1/2 cup sweet corn kernels. Mix them together till well mixed. Heat up 1/8 cup of olive oil in pan and Panfried till crispy and golden brown on both sides.

Favourite pancake since I introduced to hubby the Meat Eater.  Healthy and delicious. The sawtooth Coriander are homegrown. 

Dip recipe recipe: 2 tablespoon chopped sawtooth Coriander, 1 tsp Japanese rice vinegar, 2tsp sweet soysauce, 1tsp fishsauce and 1/2tbsp of toasted sesame seeds. Mix them together and serve with the pancake. A great dip for the Korean pancake. Saturday light and easy lunch for two person.

crispy edges

 tasty sawtooth coriander dip
I prefer olive oil for pan frying
the Korean pancake, crisps up faster
easy to mix , consistency should be thick
and not watery
Leeks, carrot and sweet corn kernels, great combination for this pancake

Enjoy and have a great weekend

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Homemade Chee Cheong Fun/ Rice Noodle Rolls With Leeks

Brunch is simply comfort food. Homemade ' Chee Cheong Fun' /Rice Noodle Rolls....I chopped some leeks and added to the CCF batter. My homemade XO sauce came in handy. Delicious XO sauce with its umami flavour for the Chee Cheong Fun'. Worth the effort spent in the kitchen 😆
silky smooth texture and the chopped leeks adds extra flavour and colour
to the rice noodle rolls
the crispy fried shallots is a must have
for CCF

CCF batter recipe
110gm rice flour
40gm tapioca flour
10gm Wheat Starch
400ml water
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp oil
1 leek - chopped

Mix all the ingredients together till well combined, sieve the batter and rest 30mins. Stir batter before each steaming
Grease the steaming tray before pouring 2 scoops of the batter and steam for 4 mins. Repeat until all batter are used up

For the XO sauce 
Click here 

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Hot Cross Buns

HE IS RISEN ! A blessed Easter Sunday to all my Christian Friends and loved ones ❤️
We only get to eat these delectable homemade Hot Cross Buns packed with raisins and spices this morning coz I could not make it in time for Good Friday 😅 Anyway , we still get to eat them this year. The Cross on the bun symbolises the cross He was crucified on  and the spices were used to embalmed his body after death. That's why Hot Cross Buns are made for Good Friday. Glad I made it last night 
traditional Hot Cross Buns

each bun is packed with raisins
and has spices like cinnamon powder and nutmeg powder
light and fluffy texture
one load of the recipe
can make 16 buns
I used Japanese Bread Flour
for better result

Dough Recipe
280 gm Japanese High Protein Flour
150 ml fresh milk
1egg (55gm)
100 gm black raisins
30gm castor sugar
1/4tsp salt
5gm instant yeast
1/8 tsp cinnamon powder
1/8 tsp nutmeg powder
30gm unsalted butter
Using an electric mixer with dough hook, mix all the ingredients together except butter till well combined. Add in butter and continue to knead till dough leave the side of bowl. Take out and knead manually for another 5 mins. Place dough in a mixing bowl and leave it to proof for 60 mins.
Knock down dough and divide dough into 16 pieces. Gently knead (tuck in method) and place in greased baking tray and leave it to proof another 60 mins. make a flour paste ( 2tbsp plain flour to 2 tbsp of milk )for piping the cross on the buns before placing into preheated oven for 20 mins to 25 mins  @180C
Once it golden brown, take out and brush on maple syrup for a glossy look.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Braised Vegan Abalone

Meatless Meal tonight....Braised Vegan Abalone with carrots, Shiitake mushrooms, radish and celery 😋

Seriously good....vegan abalone made from Seitan ( gluten) Chewy yet soft, tasty and now I know why vegetarian restaurant dishes are expensive. Gluten flour is expensive . With Gluten flour, there is no wastage and doesn't need washing and rinsing the dough. A keeper for sure. Video link is at the end of post.

Love the texture of these vegan abalone

I don't mind eating such a
delicious vegan dish
Vegan abalone made from Seitan
Seitan dough
Gluten flour, price is 5x more 
than AP Flour

Click here for the video link

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