Friday, April 30, 2021

Fish Head Noodles Soup

Lunch is Fish Head Noodles Soup...So blessed to have one last fish head in the mind works overtime. Told the meat eater, let's have fish head noodles soup for lunch. He said no problem as long as I pick the bones for him. So I gave him the meaty part. That's how much his wifey loves him 😜. I tried to replicate the taste from the famous fish head noodles stall and also our favourite. Taste is almost there but my soup is not milky in looks coz I didn't boil the fish bone long enough. The soup comprises of fried fish head ( I kept the meaty part last) Napa cabbage, tomato preserved salty Vege,  sour plum, and Chinese rice wine. Lunch taste good when one is exceptionally hungry.

I am so proud of myself, taste good even the meat eater says it is good

deep fried fish head pieces till cooked and lightly  brown and crispy 
Coat the fish head pieces with corn flour
before frying
even after a month in the freezer
it is fresh looking

Ingredients for the Fish Head Soup

1 medium sized fish head -cut into 6 pieces - season with salt and pepper and coat with corn flour
1/3cup chopped salted vegetable
A few Napa cabbage leaves- cut 1/2 inch length
1 pickled sour plum
1large tomato - cut into wedges
a drop of sesame oil - optional
3 slices of ginger
A  tsp of Chicken powder seasoning

3 tbsp of Chinese rice wine 

Oil for deep frying

1.Heat up enough oil for deep frying. Once it is hot, add in the coated fish head pieces and deep fried till cooked and lightly brown . Dish up and place them on paper towel to drain off excess oil. 
2.Heat up 1000ml water in a soup pot. Once water is boiling, add in ginger slices , the boney part of the fish head and put aside the meaty part. Boil for 30 mins, add in salted Vege, sour plum, tomato, Napa cabbage , close lid and let it simmer till the Napa cabbage has soften. Add salt to taste, a drop of sesame oil if needed.  Add in Chinese rice wine and serve as a stand alone fish head soup or go with noodles of your choice. Garnish with spring onions or Chinese parsley.

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