Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Chicken Curry And Roti Jala

Woke up early, cooked half a Chicken Curry using Tean's Gourmet Chicken Curry Paste ( my favourite brand since my gal introduced to me 😜) and quickly whipped up a two persons portion of Roti Jala/ Malaysian Net Crepes. Brunch was exceptionally delicious. A bit of work but worth all the efforts. Banana Leaf from my lil space 😂. Save washing up.

the roti Jala is soft and fragrant
the chicken curry is delicious
using store bought curry paste
Tean's Gourmet
I love my Roti Jala bottle with
5 holes, giving the Roti Jala a
beautiful lacy look and 
easy to handle too
flour,egg, turmeric powder,
coconut milk ,salt and water
make up this Roti Jala batter
this is the brand that I used to cook the curry 👍

Click here for the Roti Jala recipe.

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