Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mother's Day Dinner Treat @ Restoran Wong Sheng

Kind of late to post this up ....Mother's Day had passed and Dad's Day is just around the corner :) Supposed to post this up last week but I have been busy with work and with the muscle pain, not much blogging was done actually.  Just the same, I am glad that I feel up to it to post this Mother's Day dinner treat from my friends Ron and Kitty.  I was taken to this open air restaurant in Desa Rishah that serves good chinese dishes.  My first time there and the food was delicious.....reasonable pricing and truly, the food is yummy good.   Have a sneak peek on what we had on that special night :)  And thank you Ron and Kitty for the good dinner and fellowship.   I think I will soon be a barrel with such good food.    If you have not been to this place, I suggest you try this out.    Read on to drool on the food we had for the night :)

Ladies, Update Your Guys Look with a New Wedding Band

Trends change. People change. Budgets change. So when you've been married for a few years you may discover that your wedding band no longer fits your guy’s style or taste. It could be that the band literally doesn't fit your finger, from weight gain or weight loss, and certain types of rings are not able to be re-sized or cost as much as buying a new one. Or it's possible that you would like to splurge on your spouse in a way that was previously impossible when you were young and poor. Whatever the case may be, if you think you might want to update your man’s look with a new wedding band, there may be more options than you expect.

Traditionally, wedding bands for men have been very simple and plain. Though for a while trends dictated purchasing, matching wedding bands for the bride and groom. Jewelers have now realized that men and women don't necessarily want to wear the same style of jewelry-- any more than they would wear the same clothing. Over the last few years, opportunities have grown for purchasing unique, interesting, and fashionable wedding bands to address the tastes of men in their own right.

The trend in men's bands has gotten considerably thicker and heavier, reflecting the masculinity of the person wearing it. While gold and silver are still available, many men prefer different compositions such as titanium, platinum, palladium (a relative of platinum), cobalt chrome, and even stainless steel.

Another continuing trend is men's tungsten wedding bands. Some of these stylish metals rank higher than gold in categories such as strength, durability, and purity, but you should be educated on the pros and cons of each metal and how to care for it. Make certain to learn which metals allow re-sizing and factor that into your decision. For instance, men's tungsten wedding bands cannot be altered in size.

Gemstones have sometimes been included in men's weddings bands as a personal preference. However, that trend is beginning to succumb to newer design options, such as inlays, ribbed edges, and patterns.

Patterns may be as simple as a wave, or a more detailed engraved Celtic wedding bands design on stainless steel that reflects his personality. Laser-engraved designs for men's tungsten wedding bands bring out the unique qualities and luster of this metal. Some men's ring designs include more than one metal to create a uniqueness of their own, and may be more versatile when worn with watches or other metal jewelry.

As you think about how to update his look with a new wedding band, consider his personal tastes, your budget, and what comfort level he needs. Certain rings are more comfortable than others for the wearer. Some rings, called "comfort fit" are specially rounded on the inside to keep squared edges from pinching or digging into the skin.

These can be a little pricey and may be sized differently so it's important to do your research before making a purchase. If you’re planning to surprise your man, make sure you’re very confident about the return or exchange policy of the store or website you are using.

Whether it's a surprise or he’s getting it for himself, shopping for a new wedding band will be meaningful as you revisit the reasons why you married why you chose to be together forever.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day Lunch Treat @ Oz

WB treated me to lunch at Oz  to celebrate my DAY ! :)  No home cooking coz he needed a rest and he knows I like the food here so I can order what I like LOL!  This place has no air con but I like the deco and the food.   It offers a unique dining experience. Specialise in Aussie Outback style roast chicken blended with bacon, herbs, spices and fruits with a flair of fusion cuisine influenced by British/Chinese/Indian and Peranakan style.  This is my second time dining here :)  My first visit was with Claire my buddy. 

Engineering ? I Know Not :P

When it comes to engineering, I am at a lost coz I don't major in this subject. When my boss wanted to send me for a  talk on some engineering products  , I was flabbergasted.  I went in to his office and tried to make him change his mind. After explaining to him and pleaded with him to please send the mechanical engineer instead of me :)  Lucky for me, he sees my logic and took my name off from the list.  But my other colleagues could not worm their way out and have to attend the Hydraulic Power Units seminar.  Frankly speaking, this seminar should be attended by only the mechanical staff and engineers :)  I am so happy, I managed to convince my boss that it will benefit the engineering people more.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Orange Glazed Red Snapper Fillet With Crispy Ginger Shreds Topping

This is another simple dish for prepared by WB for our dinner.  I taught him a few tricks in cooking and now he wants to take over my domain - my kitchen...ok ok I surrender my kitchen to him for another few months after which hopefully I can reclaim back my territory.  He guess he loves putting on the apron now !  This is how he prepared the fish for dinner :)   As I watched him in the kitchen, I realized that he can cook better than me ! I think I shall hand over my role in the kitchen to him permanently  LOL!  This dish is prepared without my supervision.  I was just the observer and watched in silent...a word from the observer and the temporary chef will go on strike :)   Read on for WB's recipe

Are You A DIY Person?

It is good to be a DIY person if you are staying at the States .  Labor charges are pricey if you asked a plumber to come repair your piping or a car mechanic to service your car.  Having a basic skill in simple repair works will have save a hole in your wallet.  A friend of mine in the States is such a good DIY person that he can repair things without having to hire workers to do the repair in the house. Recently, he got himself a car lift just to service and repair his own car. None of us would have thought he is interested to  buy car lifts for himself and his brother.  Both are great DIY person :)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Crispy Fried Wanton


" What's for dinner? "  this is the most POPULAR question Wild Boar will shoot at me the moment I stepped into the car :)  And when I told him " oh , either cook something simple or if you are lazy to do the cleaning up, eat out is not a problem " .  So, if he is lazy to help me in the kitchen, we would eat out . If I have to cook, then something simple like this would be great.  Crispy Fried Wanton !  There are many versions of fried wanton but I still like my mom's version :)  You can fold them in any fashion you like.   Wild Boar is happy with fried wanton and as long as it is not oily , he loves it to bits.  And he doesnt mind helping in the preparation of this dish plus the WASHING UP  lol !  Read on to see how nicely he managed to wrap the wanton :)  He is becoming very domesicated of late.... hahaha

La Blanca Swimwear

My Piggy Joanna called me up this morning to wish me "Happy Mother's Day " and we chatted for almost an hour .  She told me she had a very tiring day. She was on duty for an exihibition on research at KLCC . A tired day indeed.  But what makes her happy was the la blanca swimwear she ordered online arrived and she will picking it up from her Uni office. She told me that she needed a new pair of swimwear.  Swimming is a good form of exercise for her.  To her it is relaxing and helps her to destress herself from her lab work and assignments.  I am happy that she knows how to destress herself.

Thank you Darling for the Mother's Day wishes:)

Homemade Kimchi - Revisited V

I have made Kimchi many many times and this time, I borrowed Wild Boar's hands in making this addictive condiment.  The last batch which was done some weeks ago was used up and I needed to replenish this addictive condiment.  I guided him on how to make these and he did it !  More kimchi dishes coming in the next few weeks.  I can sell kimchi when I retired.  May God bless me with good health and more kimchi :)  And I want to thank God for giving me a good partner in life.  You don't know how good a partner you have until you needed his hands LOL!  And Wild Boar is a good student I would say ! No praise means no borrowing of his hands :p

For the kimchi recipe
click here

*        *         *

Gift For The Boss :)

My head of department, Mr. Naseer will be retiring in a few months time and we are planning to give him a grand farewell at the Impiana Hotel.  And the office is already planning the dinner and the gift for him.  Many of the stafff suggested giving him a gold watch with a few tiny diamonds :) and some of us suggested getting him a nice leather bag too.  One that can hold his ipad and documents.  We googled and found some nice looking leather briefcases for men and most of my colleagues choose the one that is most suitable for him. So one item off from our list of gift to get him :)  Sometimes , choosing gifts for men can be hard as ties and wallets are too common.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Fried Tamarind Shrimps - Assam Heh

Fried Shrimps in Tamarind Sauce or Assam Heh is truly a unique dish from the Peranakan or Nyonya cuisine in Malaysia. The Peranakans or Nyonyas are the descendents of the early Chinese migrants to Malaysia who settled in the country and married the local Malays. The Nyonyas have a penchant for hot and spicy food and they use a diverse mix of ingredients to create recipes which are unique to them and one of the diverse ingredient is the tamarind.  A sweet and sour fruit that is widely used in Indian and Middle Eastern cooking.  This dish is Wild Boar's favorite dish.  I am still having muscle ache, thus for the past few weeks and the coming days, Wild Boar will be helping out in the cooking , with my supervision of course LOL!   Read on to see how his cooking turned out :p

Yoga Exercise For Me ?

As many of you know that I am having some muscle and tendon ache of late, thus I have not been able to cook nor bake  and this has really put me in bad mood. I can't cook dishes that need to use my arm muscles and I can't even lift up my heavy wok and secondly, I have not been able to do strengnous exercise because it will further aggravate the pain and healing will take longer time. Because of all these factor, I need to look for alternative exercise that will help me overcome this ache :)  Claire suggested that I go for Yoga classes.  Great idea and upon taking her advise, I am now enrolled for the yoga classes.   The trainer gave me a list of what I required to bring for the class and asked me to click her for yoga mat too. I am looking forward to this classes and hope it will help me overcome my pain.

Stir Fry Long Beans With Dried Shrimps Sambal

This is another simple stir fry that Wild Boar can help me to whip up in minutes.  I still have a bottle of dried shrimps sambal in the fridge.  I taught him a short cut way on how to cook this dish that will surely whet his appetite  :)   This simple stir fry long beans with my bottle of dried shrimp sambal was good.  Taste better than just stir fry with garlic and salt.  Love it and hubby is doing well in the kitchen.  I am taking a short break ...not to overwork my arm muscles and tendon.  Frustration not being able to cook like I used to do.  Thank you Wild Boar for being there for me...


4 tbsp of dried shrimps sambal
200 gm longbeans - cut into 1" length
1 tbsp of canola oil
2 tbsp of water

heat up wok, add in canola oil and when oil is hot, throw in the cut long beans and stir fry till
long beans has turn darker green, add in 2-3 tbsp of water and continue to cook till the long beans are cook through. Add in the dried shrimps sambal and stir fry till  the sambal coats the long beans.  Dish up and
serve with piping hot rice.

Enjoy !

*             *            *

DIY Cupboard Cleaning Day :)

This coming 24th May is Wesak Day and it is a public holiday for us .  Wild Boar has already booked me in advance to help him clean and organise his DIY cupboard.  I can imagine how messy and disorganized his DIY cupboard is.  Well, I can't help him much since I am having this muscle ache and tendon pain but I can be his advisor and organizer while he does the cleaning up :)  I had a quick look at his cupboard this morning and I listed down on what he needs to get for his cupboard so that his stuff can be neatly stack up .  Firstly , he needs to purchase more plastic tool organizer boxes to keep his stuff properly stored up .  Secondly , he need to order utility knife from to replace the rusty one. That is why a man needs a woman to help organize his stuff besides cooking for him :)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Authentic Yemeni & Arabian Cuisine @ Restaurant Hadramout Paradise

The office had a farewell lunch last Wednesday for one of our Architects who is on transfer to KL head office.  A colleague who organized this lunch suggested having authentic Yemeni and Arabian cuisine .   Of course everyone agreed , thus the farewell lunch was held at Restaurant Hadramout Paradise, a nice cosy little restaurant , facing the Riverfront Hotel serving authentic Yemeni and Arabian cuisine.  The restaurant is run by Yemenis....even their waiters are from Yemen :)  All of them are handsome :)  But of course it is the food that attracted us !  Read on to see what we had for the farewell lunch :)

Nemo Nocturne Sleeping Bag

I was cleaning my son's room the other day and I found his Nemo Nocturne Sleeping Bag under his bed. I did a good spring cleaning on his sleeping bag.  Wrapped it up nicely with the largest zipper bag I can find in the house so that dust will not be collected on his sleeping bag.  My boy loves to tour Europe and he will be going backpacking again with his friends next year, so it is time to make sure his sleeping bag is in order or he will suffocate with the dust in his sleeping bag :p  I hope he remembers Mother's Day is just a few days away :)

Preserved Radish Omelette

Been either eating out or cooking simple dishes the past few weeks.  Sad to mention here that the muscle pain is back.   Now I am not sure whether I really sprained my muscle and tendon or it is menopausal symptom of muscle and joint pain.  The steroid jab has worn off and now the pain is back.  Haih, all this  body ache and muscle tendon pain has robbed me of the passion to cook :(   I hate the process of aging :(   I am being forced to cook simple and this is one classic salted radish omelette that I whipped up for WB and myself .  Simple but delicious.   I added in spring onion and some cut lantern chillies.   The chillies did wonders to this simple dish.    This simple radish omelette goes well with porridge and rice.

Preserved Radish Omelette


1/2 a  packet preserved radish /chye poh
2 eggs - beaten
2 tbsp of chopped spring onions
1 tsp of chopped chillies
1 tsp of chopped garlic
1 tsp of sesame oil
1 tsp of canola oil


Saute chopped garlic with sesame oil and canola oil in a non stick pan till fragrant.  Add in the preserved radish and stir fry till fragrant.  Add in the chopped spring onions and chillies to the beaten egg mixture and pour over the radish.  When the edges are crispy and the omelette is set, flip over and cook till the omelette is set.  Before dishing up, use the frying ladle to cut the omelette into smaller pieces .  Serve with rice or porridge.

*        *        *

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