Monday, May 13, 2013

Orange Glazed Red Snapper Fillet With Crispy Ginger Shreds Topping

This is another simple dish for prepared by WB for our dinner.  I taught him a few tricks in cooking and now he wants to take over my domain - my kitchen...ok ok I surrender my kitchen to him for another few months after which hopefully I can reclaim back my territory.  He guess he loves putting on the apron now !  This is how he prepared the fish for dinner :)   As I watched him in the kitchen, I realized that he can cook better than me ! I think I shall hand over my role in the kitchen to him permanently  LOL!  This dish is prepared without my supervision.  I was just the observer and watched in silent...a word from the observer and the temporary chef will go on strike :)   Read on for WB's recipe

He marinated the red snapper fillet with orange juice, zest and a pinch of salt and sugar.  He let the orange juice infused into the fish meat before he pan fried it. Mmmmm, I was watching silently and thinking to myself...what the....I guess he knows what he is doing.  While the marinating process is on, he cut some ginger stripes and make crispy ginger shreds for the topping. He fried the ginger shreds till crispy and golden brown.  He dish them up and leave to cool.   With the same pan and excess oil from frying ginger, he put in the marinated fish and pan fried till the fish is cooked and the fish skin is crispy.  Then I saw him pouring the excess orange marinade into the pan and added extra sugar to the gravy and cook till the gravy thickens.  He poured the thicken juice over the fried fish.  Garnish the top with crispy ginger shreds.   It does smell good and I was really surprised that the crispy ginger goes well with the orange glaze.   Yummy and I am truly glad that WB can concoct such a delightful exotic dish for us :)   He was the chef for this dish and I was the photographer :)   Actually team work is important in a marriage . 

orange juice and zest , sugar and salt
as marinade for this piece of red snapper
allow the orange juice to be  infused into the fish meat

I did not know that WB  have skill frying these ginger shreds :p
they turned out not burnt and they are so nicely fried that
I stole one shred from the lot and guess
was nicely done :)

Thank you Wild Boar for cooking this dish for our dinner
and if you still wanna continue your role in the kitchen....
by all means.  I gladly hand over my role to you
till I am fully recovered  :)


1 piece of red snapper

Orange marinade

1 orange - squeeze for juice
1 tbsp of orange zest
a pinch of salt 
1 tsp of  sugar
extra 1 tsp of sugar to thicken the marinade sauce

1 knob of ginger- cut into shreds for topping
2 tbsp of canola oil

Marinate the fish with the marinade sauce for an hour.   Pan fried the ginger shreds till crispy and golden brown. Dish up and put aside.   Pan fried the marinated fish till the skin edges are crispy and fish is cooked.  Dish up .  Pour the excess orange marinade into the pan and add the extra 1 tsp of sugar into the mixture. Cook the orange sauce till it thickens.  Pour the orange glaze over the pan fried fish and add the crispy ginger as topping.   Serve with piping hot rice.

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