Sunday, May 12, 2013

Crispy Fried Wanton


" What's for dinner? "  this is the most POPULAR question Wild Boar will shoot at me the moment I stepped into the car :)  And when I told him " oh , either cook something simple or if you are lazy to do the cleaning up, eat out is not a problem " .  So, if he is lazy to help me in the kitchen, we would eat out . If I have to cook, then something simple like this would be great.  Crispy Fried Wanton !  There are many versions of fried wanton but I still like my mom's version :)  You can fold them in any fashion you like.   Wild Boar is happy with fried wanton and as long as it is not oily , he loves it to bits.  And he doesnt mind helping in the preparation of this dish plus the WASHING UP  lol !  Read on to see how nicely he managed to wrap the wanton :)  He is becoming very domesicated of late.... hahaha

I taught him how to wrap the wanton and
I am proud that he did a great job
he does the wrapping and cleaning up while
  I do the deep frying

I don't blame him for putting so much meat filling in
one wanton ,  being a meat eater ,
he  would prefer more meat :p
the wanton looks packed with the meat fillings LOL!

ah...the color looks good right ?  Credit goes to Momsie Elin needs skill when he comes to deep frying :)

and the best thing is it is not oily despite the fact that
it has been deep the crispy wanton wraps
and the flavorful meat filling ,
dip them in Thai Chilli Sauce and ma ma mia....sure GOOD!

Crispy Fried Wanton

1 packet of square wanton wrappers

Meat filling ingredients :

300 gm minced meat (pork/chicken)
100 gm fish paste
50 gm prawn - minced
1 tbsp of sliced spring onions
1 tbsp of cut red chillies
a dash of white pepper
1 tbsp of light soy sauce
1 tsp of sesame oil
1/2 tbsp of potato starch

*  mix and stir meat filling ingredients above until sticky

1.  Prepare the filling as *  . 

2.  Place about 1 tsp of meat filling in the center of the wanton wrapper. Lift two opposite corners of the wrapper and press them together. Keeping the two corners in place, fold up the other two corners, one at a time, so all four corners are pressed together. The corners will face up on the pan.

3. Repeat until the filling is finished.

4. Heat the oil.  Add the wontons to the hot oil, sliding them in carefully. Deep-fry the wontons in batches until they are golden brown, turning to make sure they brown evenly. Drain on paper towels.

5.  Serve crispy fresh wanton with Thai Chili sauce or any dip sauce of your choice.


*            *             *


  1. I love this. Sometimes they give with noodles here - very nice.

  2. yea, very nice. I like it too :)


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