Monday, October 28, 2013

WB's Signature Steamed Fish :) And Flavorful Stir Fry Baby Spinach :)

True , True...enjoy while it lasts LOL!  I am enjoying WB's cooking by the days. I have another month of medical leave  and during this painful and yet blissful period , why blissful ?  I get to taste WB's cooking ! He will whip out nice dishesto surprise this steamed you see how he arranged the tofu and tomato around the fish ( wanna beat me when it comes to presentation - fine I let him win this time :p  ) and man ...look at the amount of gravy but just the same it is flavorful.  He added Domino's chilli flakes and sauteed garlic...err ...I don't know what else he added to make it so tasty.  He won't tell me....told me to enjoy for this is his signature dish ! LOL! well...alright since he is so secretive....let's not ask him :)  I suspected he just added soy sauce to the gravy  * wink  And the best thing was that he knew that I will surely want to showcase his cooking, thus he used my nice bowl and plate to serve his signature dishes LOL!

And can you see some of the roots of the baby spinach still attached to the spinach WB to do the washing and cleaning of the baby spinach..   I am forced to take in the roots together with the spinach LOL!  Oh , I must not complain or next time I have to cook myself.  He really did a good job with this dish.  It looks simple but it really flavorful.  He added some chopped perserved radish and sauteed together with the garlic and this make the veggie tasty.   Love it and truly , only WB can stir fry it to perfection. I lost to him when it comes to stir frying spinach.  I tend to overcook but his turned out green and fresh :)   Thank you WB for doing all the cooking the past few weeks :)  

*              *              *

In A Blink Of An Eye :p

My Piggy Josh is all grown up now...just remembering him as a tiny tot whereby I had to spoon fed him till he was five years old :p and now he has graduated and working and even has a girlfriend now ! This Momsie is of course super happy that he found his soulmate at last.  And with a great job in the Lion City, he is saving hard and as soon as his bank account has reached the amount he needed :), I know he is going to propose Elaine as soon as he is financially stable :) .Well, a momsie is a momsie... can never let go until he is finally married.  No matter what, he is still my baby for now and always will be I guess.  For the past few months, he has been asking me about jewelry and rings in particularly, thus I know he has something up his sleeves.  Mmmm I guess he is going to propose soon to his girlfriend. I told him that he can get nicer designs online since he is looking for an engagement ring . There are so many choices and I am sure he will be able to get one that will please him and his girlfriend.  I am happy and mmmm I can't believe my baby is now a young responsible adult :) 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Stir Fry Pumpkin With Preserved Turnip

When I was discharged from the hospital, I was on anti-biotics and painkillers for two weeks and you can imagine my appetite was zero.  WB is such a dear!  He thinks of food that will whet my appetite and he cooked pumpkin with perserved turnip or cai poh .  And topped with deep fried anchovies. Gosh, I would never have thought of cooking pumpkin with cai poh...LOL...I gave him full marks for this dish.  It really did whet up my appetite :)  Love the crunchy and flavorful cai poh and not to forget the crispy and crunchy anchovies.  Delish!  He cooks better than me :)  And I am going to enjoy all my meals from now....I kind like this phrase now...enjoy while it last! LOL! I asked him how he whipped this up and this is how how prepared it...easy and yet delish!

Stir Fry Pumpkin With Preserved Turnip


2 cups of pumpkin cubes
2 heaped tbsp of preserved turnips/cai poh
2 bird eyes chillies- chopped
2 pips of garlic - chopped
1 tbsp of canola oil/vegetable oil
1/2 cup of water
a pinch of salt for taste

2 tbsp of fried anchovies for garnishing


in a wok ,heat up oil, saute the garlic and preserved turnips till fragrant. Add in the pumpkin cubes and continue to stir fry for a few minutes, add in water and salt to taste,  simmer over low heat till the pumpkin is tender.  Add in chillies and stir fry till well mixed. dish up and sprinkle the fried anchovies as garnishing before serving.

note: this dish serves well with teochew porridge  besides plain rice

*          *           *

Autumn Now And Soon Winter Is Here :)

I have a friend who just loves the winter season.  Micheal  is such a fan of snow skiing that every winter he will book himself into Blue Mountain Snow Resort in Pennsylvania for a week.  He loves this place . Blue Mountain is one of the Pocono's premiere skiing and snowboarding destinations. And Blue Mountain is less than a tank of gas away from New Jersey region.  My brother's family will join him whenever their restaurant is closed for the weekend.  My nephews, Bryan and Shaun , love skiing too and they make a great pair.  While the younger ones go for their skiing, my sister in law and my brother will enjoy the food served at the two outdoor courtyards. They enjoys the outdoor grilling along with fire pits to stay warm while dining outdoors.  Though it is now only autumn, my nephews are already preparing their ski boards and ski pants for the coming short break at Blue Mountain :)   My older nephew who has put on weight needs new plus size ski pants  as the old ski pants doesn't fit him anymore  and he has ordered online for a few pairs.  I guess everyone is excited planning their winter break...some escaping to Florida for the sun and some escaping to the ski resort :)  For me, I wish I could escape to South Korea for some authentic kimchi :)  Nevermind, I am a fan of Korean food :)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Kampar Jau Yun

We made this as soon as I saw this recipe on Wendy's blog during the MFF event for Perak and true to what she posted....this is a must try fishball.  Love the crispy and chewy texture.  I have never tried the real thing so I can't compare but we loved it especially WB can't stop eating them. So that it what matters coz he helped me in making these yummy Kampar Fishballs :) Easy to prepare and you cant stop eating at one...very addictive especially if you eat this with cold beer...nice finger food...healthier than eating the keropok :P  

WB Is A Precious Gem In My Life:)

This is a post not to praise WB but an appreciation for what he has done for me before and after my operation a week ago. He does the housework and cooks for me. Takes over my share of duty and place me on a pedestal.  Some friends said this to me, " enjoy while it lasts !" but rest assured he is truly a great husband....proven!  So, I guess it will last till my last breath :)

He not only can cooks , he is also a very DIY person!  He orders hardware online and he is good at searching for household appliances online too. This is his only hobby that at times I get annoyed when stuff arrives and his DIY cupboard is packed with stuff not needed.  He found online things that he can't get here and he will straight away place an order for it which makes me mad at times :p  except this bad habit of his, I have not much to complain . He is truly a precious gem in my life.  Thank you WB for being there for me all the time!  

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pan Fried Tao Pau....Healthy Finger Food

This is my favourite snack.....pan fried tao pau/layers of fresh beancurd skin compressed into a square block. You can add them to your vegetarian dish as I sometimes do. Click here to see how you can add them to your other dishes.  I like to eat them as snacks while watching my tv dramas or as light supper.  I asked WB to get me a few blocks of tao pau skin when he goes marketing in Kg.Simee :p, so that I can enjoy snacking on these finger licking good slices of tao pau when the appetite is not good. Too much anti-biotics and painkillers the past one week has taken away my appetite ;( . thank God for these tao pau skin, I was able to feed my stomach and not leaving the gastric juice to accumulate!

This is how WB prepared the tao pau ...he cut them into 1/4 inch thick slices, sprinkled some mixed herbs salt and Dominoes chilli flakes on both surfaces . He pan fried them till it is crispy on the outside and yet soft and tender on the inside. Love the mixed herbs salt that Jo bought for me from BIG :)

Have a great day!

Kenny G ...My Favourite Saxophonist

My favourite saxophonist is Kenny G :) and recently our church had a senior citizens fellowship dinner and there was a music performance by some young senior citizens. To my surprised, there was a great saxophonist amongst us which I just got to witness last month. He is Chris Toh and gosh he is so sexy ! Lol, he can be on par with Kenny G:) or rather as good as him.  I grabbed the opportunity to get to know him better and we chatted for some hours...haha WB was in awe and wished he could play the saxophone too.  We asked when he started having the interest to play the saxophone and he told us that when he 19, going into college that started his interest and his first saxophone was a vandoren zz tenor saxophone reeds at guitar center and since then he has added a few to his collections. Wow, WB and the myself really enjoyed chatting with him.I wish my Josh had wanted to learn playing the saxophone than the guitar  :p
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