Monday, October 28, 2013

WB's Signature Steamed Fish :) And Flavorful Stir Fry Baby Spinach :)

True , True...enjoy while it lasts LOL!  I am enjoying WB's cooking by the days. I have another month of medical leave  and during this painful and yet blissful period , why blissful ?  I get to taste WB's cooking ! He will whip out nice dishesto surprise this steamed you see how he arranged the tofu and tomato around the fish ( wanna beat me when it comes to presentation - fine I let him win this time :p  ) and man ...look at the amount of gravy but just the same it is flavorful.  He added Domino's chilli flakes and sauteed garlic...err ...I don't know what else he added to make it so tasty.  He won't tell me....told me to enjoy for this is his signature dish ! LOL! well...alright since he is so secretive....let's not ask him :)  I suspected he just added soy sauce to the gravy  * wink  And the best thing was that he knew that I will surely want to showcase his cooking, thus he used my nice bowl and plate to serve his signature dishes LOL!

And can you see some of the roots of the baby spinach still attached to the spinach WB to do the washing and cleaning of the baby spinach..   I am forced to take in the roots together with the spinach LOL!  Oh , I must not complain or next time I have to cook myself.  He really did a good job with this dish.  It looks simple but it really flavorful.  He added some chopped perserved radish and sauteed together with the garlic and this make the veggie tasty.   Love it and truly , only WB can stir fry it to perfection. I lost to him when it comes to stir frying spinach.  I tend to overcook but his turned out green and fresh :)   Thank you WB for doing all the cooking the past few weeks :)  

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  1. Wah the fish dish is all in one wor got fish tofu even tomato. Yum yum.

    Ahem mbe the roots is good :p ...Chinese believe eat hand "pou" hand eat roots "pou" urat?

  2. Your WB is a great cook. Don't think my other half can perform so well in cooking.
    The fish dish looks very comforting.... wholesome!

  3. Wow, this looks great! I love stir fry so much, but I haven't made this on a long period of time. I think this is my chance to cook it again now! Thank you for sharing this recipe!

    Beef Stir Fry


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