Friday, October 18, 2013

Kampar Jau Yun

We made this as soon as I saw this recipe on Wendy's blog during the MFF event for Perak and true to what she posted....this is a must try fishball.  Love the crispy and chewy texture.  I have never tried the real thing so I can't compare but we loved it especially WB can't stop eating them. So that it what matters coz he helped me in making these yummy Kampar Fishballs :) Easy to prepare and you cant stop eating at one...very addictive especially if you eat this with cold beer...nice finger food...healthier than eating the keropok :P  

It is easy to prepare...let the food processor do the magic work and the most tedious part of making these balls is the frying part :p  WB took almost an hour to finish the frying process but he did a great job.....all the balls were evenly browned.   Great job WB! you can take over the kitchen now :)

Kampar Jau Yun / Fried Fish Dough Balls - by Wendy


100 gm fish flesh - Yellow Fusilier or locally known as Tofu fish (weight without the skin)
1/2 tsp salt
2 tsp sugar
white pepper powder
1 anchovy stock cube
50 gm water

150 gm tapioca starch


1. In a food processor, pulse fish flesh, salt, sugar, pepper and anchovy cube until pasty. Add in water and pulse again until a paste forms. Put in starch and pulse again until it forms coarse crumbs. If it looks pasty,add more starch.

2. Get some of the crumbs and gently form balls with the fingers. Do not roll them, press or compact them. Make them as small as a marble, they will expand slightly when fried.

3. Deep fry  them on medium high heat until golden. Drain and let them air for a while before eating.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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  1. Other than yellow fusilier, wat other fish can be used to replace it?


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