Thursday, April 15, 2021

Chicken en Papillote

Had a sudden craving for Chicken en Papillote this nothing better to do Home Chef took out half a chicken from the fridge ,seasoned chicken with salt, garlic and a tsp of chicken powder and wrapped the chicken pieces with greaseproof paper. Heat up coarse salt in the wok ( my old wok used for smoking chicken). Once the salt is heated up, bury the wrapped chicken in the the hot salt, cover lid and cooked under med low heat for first 20 mins. Unearth the parcel and flip over and cover with salt again and cooked a further 20 to 25 mins. This is one of my favourite method of cooking chicken. This method of cooking makes the chicken more flavourful, tender and juicy. Made a simple cucumber salad with Yuzu Sesame salad dressing.  Dinner is simply deliciousđŸ˜‹

I have the whole leg to myself plus 
my favourite cucumber salad

meat turned out tender and juicy
my favourite way to cook chicken
season chicken parts with garlic, 
chicken seasoning powder

You can use the oven instead of cooking in a wok, just use a deep baking tray, hear up the salt and cover the wrapped  parcel with hot salt top and bottom. Adjust the time ,maybe shorten by 10 mins . Bake at 190c 

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