Monday, August 19, 2013

Famous Ipoh Salted Chicken aka ' Yim Kuk Kai '

Ipoh is also famous for its Salted Chicken aka ' Yim Kuk Kai ' besides the Ipoh  'Ngah Choy Kai '.  I had this almost 3 times a week during my confinement days ....20 over years ago....shhhh Piggy Joanna will shut me up if I were to tell you the exact years LOL!  Anyway, it entails a lot of work, so it is better to buy from the famous shop in Ipoh.   I made this months ago before I hung up my arms :p   Luckily I had it made earlier or I won't be able to give her my support for MFF Perak , shortly after that...the arm pain came on to see how it is done at home.

one free range chicken
a few slices of tong kwai and chinese cooking wine
and some sea salt to rub on the chicken
3 kg of coarse salt, 2 pieces of greaseproof paper

Step 1
rub sea salt , chinese cooking wine on the chicken
in and out, stuff the tong kwai inside the chicken
and marinate it for an hour.  Wrap the chicken with
2 sheets of greaseproof

Step 2
Fry coarse salt ( amount depends how big is your wok) till hot.  The salt will start
 jumping so be careful not to burn your hands while doing it. I use the stainless steel wok
so it gets heated faster.  Bury the wrapped up chicken in the hot salt. 

Step 3
Cover wok with a lid.  I use a stainless steel basin to cover the wok and 
cook the chicken over medium low  fire for 2 hours till the chicken is cooked

healthy way to eat chicken and good for confinement 
mothers :)

finger liking good.... for me....confinement or not I can
tuck in the whole chicken all by myself :)

Enjoy !

"I am submitting this post to Malaysian Food Fest Perak month

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  1. OMG, the chicken looks so yummy! My grandmother used to make this dish when I was very young. Unfortunately she's no longer around and I haven't eaten this for ages!

    Question, when you cook the chicken, is there a lot of smoke coming out from the wok? I made smoked chicken once and the whole house was filled with so much smoke that the smell lingered in the house for days! :-S

    1. Piggy :)

      No smoke....and the only smell is the fragrance of the tong kwai and the family likes the smell :) Nice, you should try making it from home.

  2. I did this twice and twice I have to throw away my woks as they were rusty but anyway it is worth it as the end results are delicious and enjoyed by my family !

    1. Pearlyn, try using a stainless steel wok. Mine was rust :)

  3. Howdy Elin ! Worth to try this at home. The chicken looks super scrumptious. My aunt tried this once, she said its all worth it. >o<
    Hope you're having a lovely weekend.
    Blessings, Kristy


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