Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wild Boar 's Birthday Treat From CG10 @ Tuck Kee Restaurant

We have two cell group members whose birthdays fall in the month of August. Wild Boar and Alice. So we decided to have a dinner for them and celebrating both birthdays together. Isn't it wonderful to celebrate with another sister in christ? And truly we had a wonderful time not just feasting on the delicious food but also a time of wonderful fellowship together. Building up relationship with one another and upholding each other in love. Cutting cakes together and blowing out the candles together is fun , makes you years younger...LOL! I would love that when my birthday comes.   Well, Wild Boar had a great time this year. He is a year older younger and he had 3 birthday treats this year.....(  I will post up in my next coming posts what he had for the 1st and 2nd treats :p  ) Wild Boar is truly a Wild Boar ! nom nom nom away !   This post will be on his 3rd treat. He had one a day before his birthday, 2nd one on his actual day and this 3rd one is a day after his birthday.  Lucky Boar !   Thank you CG10 for this wonderful dinner.  I will be going on oats diet for the next few weeks for mine is coming in October :p

Check out what we had at Tuck Kee Restaurant...famous for their roast duck ! Of course 3 of the dishes are from the roast duck :p   Thank you Ronnie Poh choosing the dishes for us :)

 1st dish - Four Season Cold Dish 
front: some stuffed ingredients in crab shell :p
back:  shrimp wrapped with melts in the mouth yam paste...yummy
left : a dish of fish /meat paste wrapped in pickled ginger...delish
right: stir fry deer meat with fresh mushroom placed on fried noodle shaped
as a bowl....common but nice :)

'Pei Pa ' Duck - wrap the slices
of crispy pei pa duck and cucumber with egg skin

'pei pa' duck bits to be eaten with
the lettuce cup...delicious

this is delicious, stir fry duck meat cubes
with carrot, celery , onions on a bed of fried ' tang hoon'
on lettuce cup ..mmmm I think I had a few of this
despite it is duck meat....

veggie dish topped with macademia nuts...
love this yummy healthy dish  :)

and the last three dishes the duck soup , curry seafood and birthday noodles......oops
too busy eating and chatting with Helen that I forgotten to take snap shots of them.
I am not good in describing the dishes but it was a great meal :0

Tuck Kee Restaurant (non-halal)
1, Persiaran Tokong,
Pasir Pinji, 31650 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Tel: +605 – 254 1906 / 241 9071

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