Wednesday, August 14, 2013

WB's Birthday Celebration Started A Day Earlier @ Sushi Zento , Festival Walk, Ipoh

We had an early birthday celebration  for WB because I was too tired to cook and we both have a sudden craving for something Japanese....we both agreed to have at Sushi Zento coz Mokuren was closed on Monday and yay..excuse to celebrate early  LOL!   WB had a stir fry beef set that comes with a miso soup, sashimi , japanese coleslaw, and chawanmushi and I had a grilled salmon rice. WB is basically a meat eater so I took his share of sashimi  and chawanmushi .  Had some ebiko sushi and not to forget my favorite chuka idako :)  I remembered last year celebration was at Mokuren :)  We would prefer Mokuren but since it was closed on a Monday and we had this crazy craving so let it be Sushi Zento then :)  Anyway, we are a crazy pair....we always have an excuse to celebrate when the craving comes LOL!

WB happy with his set and I was eyeing the sashimi while
taking some shots  :p

mine favorite grilled salmon

haha finally the sashimi was all mine  :)

love their the fine shreds of cabbage
and the japanese mayo

took a close up of the tuna..lightly pan seared on the outside
and yet maintaining the raw inside...lovely

2nd birthday treat for Wild Boar.....

*              *             *

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  1. Japanese? No, thank you. My daughter loves it though...which reminds me - haven't taken her for that yet and the holidays are coming to an end... :(


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