Saturday, April 6, 2013

Houston Cafe, Ipoh - Small Kucing In Town

I am blessed whenever the Kucings are in town :) Reason being ,it means good food !!!  They  stopped by Ipoh on their way to Penang last Wednesday and we, Claire and myself, met them for lunch.  Claire the hostess took us all to Houston Cafe and we had a scrumptious lunch.  Here are the dishes she ordered for lunch....she loved their signature dish , the Assam Fish Head Curry but she mistakenly ordered their Fish Head Curry  . I loved the Kerabu Mango ( Asian Mango Salad ) and the Bittergourd With Salted Yolk !  Like I said before, food brings people closer together ...don't you agree ?   :)   

The Kerabu Mango / Mango salad is really appetizing and it is a must order for us.  Claire and I just love this dish and Houston Cafe is one of our favorite haunt for our Friday lunch date :)  We will normally order their Assam Fish Head Curry and the Kerabu Mango .  Their Soup of the day and drinks are free  , so our lunch meal is well balanced  :)  

One day, I shall try to replicate their Bittergourd With Salted yolk :p   The slices are crunchy and coated with salted yolk.  Very appetizing and if you like bittergourd, you  may like this version of preparation.  Something different from the normal preparation of stir fry.  If you can come up with a crispy batter then this dish will definitely be a hit with the family.

The Fish Head Curry is cooked the chinese first time trying it  but I still prefer their Assam version :p  This curry is cooked with tomato , egg plants,  long beans and tofu pok .  It is not bad at all just that the assam version is more appetizing with its tangy-ness :)   And of course I would like to thank Claire for giving us such a scrumptious lunch :)   To the Kuching family thank you for dropping by and thank you Kathy for the great recipe book gift and the biscuits :)  I love them to bits, the book and the biscuits.

In this picture,
I was telling Small Kucing about the goodness of slurrping down
the soup and he really takes it in all in a gulp, I mean what I was
telling him.....he really ate the tofu and slurrp down the soup
hahahaha, he is so cute and handsome !

he will be the next famous blogger like his Mamarazzi Kucing :)

Houston Cafe
18, Jalan Dass,Ipoh
Tel: +60 5-2538399

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  1. yes try make the salted eggs bittergourd so that i can curi curi learn....that one very sedap.


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