Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Quick , Easy And Delicious Steamed Red Snapper

After so many nights of eating out, it would be nice to have light meals at home.  Steamed fish would be ideal  and I took out a piece of red snapper and steamed it for 8 mins with just a tsp of canola oil.  After the fish is cooked, add sizzled shallots and soy sauce oil to the cooked fish and it is ready for garnishing and serving :)   All under 30 minutes.  Quick and easy and delicious !  With the arm still mending :p  light and easy meals would be a big welcome for me and WB. For WB it just means less washing for him LOL!


read on to see how quick and easy this can be done :)

Method :

rub canola oil on a piece of red snapper
and steam in a boiling steamer for 8 mins

while it is steaming, prepare the shallot and soy sauce oil
fry the sliced shallots with 1 tbsp of canola oil in non stick pan
when the shallots are crispy and light brown, pour 1.5 tbsp of
soy sauce into the hot shallots oil and let it sizzles for a few seconds
off the heat and pour this shallots oil on the cooked fish

Garnish with spring onions and serve hot

Enjoy !

*            *           *


  1. Chinese cooking. Easy-peasy, hassle-free!

  2. Love steam fish ! Look like you have some dau see fermented blk bean too ! Love them too alittle goes a long way...

  3. I like this quickie dish....healthy and nutritious!


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