Sunday, August 14, 2022

Pillow Shaped Bak Chang Bamboo Leaf Pork Dumpling

This is my 2nd attempt at making Bak Chang /Bamboo Leaf Pork Dumpling and this time I tried a different style of wrapping. Instead of wrapping a cone shaped dumpling, I wrapped them to shape like a pillow. After watching many times on YouTube, on how to wrap a pillow shape dumpling, I managed to get it done and feeling super happy , and I find it easier wrapping them into pillow shape. The fillings are the same as the Hokkien Bak Chang. I improved on the taste by adding more salt to the glutinous rice and adding a bit more of the five spice powder to the meat. They turned out tastier and delicious. So proud of myself and I find making Bak Chang very addictive. And I have reduced pressure cook time to 30mins . I have some to friends . It is a blessing to give and share with friends.
my hubby loves it, he says it is 95 percent very near to those he bought, in term of taste and those that I made are less oily which he prefers

very happy with the well wrapped pillow shaped
need 4 pieces of bamboo leaves for pillow shaped dumpling
so proud that I managed to wrap it neatly
wrapping the dumpling is addictive
I won't get tired of wrapping them, it is the art of wrapping that I am getting addicted now
I can make 12 big ones with a kg of glutinous rice

Click here for the recipe
Click here for the method of wrapping

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