Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Homemade Fresh Orecchiette Pasta

Making fresh pasta has always been my passion. Not only it taste good, it is more economical to make your own from home. I would say this pandemic has made me a very DIY person . Learning new skills every day. Yesterday I learned how to shape fresh pasta and it was so fun. Check out Gennaro's You Tube Channel if you are keen to make your own fresh pasta. Gennaro's pasta dough recipe is very good. Easy peasy, lemon quesy kind of method. Never fail kind. I made a few times and each time it gets better. The flours used must be 'OO'flour and Semolina flour.

Just need to practice more on the shaping. It is fun making them. I can have any shapes I want now and each shape has different sauces to go with. 

Need to practice more as the saying goes practice makes perfect

I use this brand of flour for making fresh pasta

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