Thursday, August 5, 2021

Steam Baked Chicken Legs With Chinese Herb & Goji Berries

This is one method of cooking chicken in an oven. I called this steam-baked. It is quite similar to french way of cooking Chicken En papillote.  This is also my favourite way of cooking chicken or fish for that matter.. Steam and baked at the same time.  I used chinese herb called  'Dong Guai ' (Angelica Senensis) , Goji Berries and salt to flavor the chicken meat. Wrapped in parchment paper and another layer of aluminum before putting in tray and baked in preheated oven for 45 mins  @250C. A very easy and no fuss way of cooking. It has its nutritional benefits, the papillote brings out all the flavour of the chicken steamed , without coming into direct contact with the grill . And this technique also helps to cook healthier because it does not involve adding addition oil. Parchment paper is waterproof and resistant to high temperature.

rub salt on chicken leg , you can insert a slice of Dong Guai under chicken skin

place chicken on parchement paper and wrap it up

 wrap with another layer of aluminium foil and baked at 250C for 45 mins


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