Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Roasted Red Peppers Preserved In Olive Oil

I have wanting to preserve veggies in olive oil for a long time, just that the pandemic lockdown has made it difficult for me to go out and enjoy my marketing like I used to do before the lockdown. Recently I learned to do my grocery shopping online and therefore I was able to purchase some gorgeous looking red peppers, of course I wouldn't know whether they will come fresh and big , just trusting the Mall supermarket to provide the best for me ) and to my delight I was not disappointed. The veggies all delivered in good condition and fresh too. Making roasted red peppers and preserving them in oil is super easy . You can add them to pasta as instant meal, serve as an appetiser , to pizza toppings or have them on toast with melted cheese. Preserving veggies in olive oil esp these peppers are the most tastiest and most useful goodies you will make. Use good quality olive oil will do, not  necessary to use extra virgin olive oil. You can add garlic, thyme and chilli flakes to the oil to deepen the flavours of the roasted red pepper.

Preserving is about saving; making something you have today last till tomorrow, or another day, another week, or even a few more months, like these peppers preserved in oil.  I love preserving and opening my fridge to find something I might have forgotten about and realise that I have the makings for a delicious and super easy meal right at my fingertips. With a kg of red peppers, I managed to make 3/4 jar (IKEA 1 litre glass jar ) Remember glass jar need to be sterilized first before preserving the roasted peppers.

roasted red peppers basking in a bath of olive oil

it is easy to remove the peel if you cover them with a plate once out of oven

removing the burnt or blistered peel

roast them in oven for 45 to 60 mins till peel is burnt or blistered

 tip  : it is easier to remove peel after roasting if you cut them into half and remove seeds first before putting them into the oven to roast and roast them over parchment paper on a tray

For tips on how to roast red peppers and store roasted red peppers

click https://simple-veganista.com/how-to-roast-peppers/


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