Thursday, August 19, 2021

Homemade Skinless Pork Sausages


Finally, I succeeded in making skinless pork sausages to the texture and flavours I wanted.  My stay home project turned out good and we had skinless sausages for breakfast this morning.  I have been making my own sausages but it didnt taste as good as this batch I made yesterday. Previously I didnt add breadcrumbs and cheese to it but this round I added as my cousin gifted me a bag of mozzarella cheese and a bag of panko breadcrumbs. They were sitting in my chiller for some months already and I think since I had a batch of fresh meat delivered to my doorstep , I might as well make some nice sausages for my hubby. He loves the homemade ones as they are more flavourful and has texture to it. They are more juicy as cheese and breadcrumbs are added. Flavours are versatile as you can choose the flavour you like. We prefer the Italian seasoning that consists of mixed herbs, roasted garlic and paprika . I didn't make my own seasoning but used store bought one instead. 

I will normally pan seared them in butter oil for 5 mins and then put them into the oven to roast for a further 15 mins at @250C (small ovenette) , turning them around to get even browning and the aroma wafting out from the oven makes us hungry

cling wrapped them and tie at both ends to compress the meat and for shaping. freeze them in the freezer so maintain the shape and the meat will not disintergrate during cooking time, at least 2 hours

roll tightly and compress the meat

for even sizes I weight 80gm of seasoned minced meat for each sausage

ingredients are Italian seasoning - mixed dried herbs , paprika, mozzarella cheese, egg yolk panko breadbrumbs, garlic , olive oil and chicken powder

Homemade Skinless Pork Sausages  ( can make 8 pieces of  skinless sausages )


 550 gm minced pork

1 egg yolk

1 tbsp of olive oil

1 tbsp of mixed herbs

1 tbsp of dried oregano

1 tbsp of chopped garlic

1 tbsp of paprika

1 tbsp of chicken powder

1/2 cup mozzarella cheese

1 cup Panko Breadcrumbs


Mix all the ingredients together till well combined. Keep stirring with a spatula till the meat mixture is sticky.  Divide  meat mixture into equal portion of 80gms and shape into a roll. Place on cling wrap and roll and compress at the same time until you can feel the tightness. Tie both ends tightly. Repeat  until all meat has been used up. Freeze them for at least 3 hours or until they have solidied. 

How to cook them

Heat up a non stick pan with 1 tbsp of butter, once butter has melted, unwrap the sausages and pan seared them for 5 mins. Keep turning them to get even brownness. Place them on baking tray together with the butter oil and roast them in  preheated oven 250C for another 15 mins or until the sausages are cooked and evenly browned. Poke in a skewer to test whether the meat is cooked. Every 5 mins turn the sausages to get even golden color.


You can pan fried them in butter oil over medium fire for 20 mins. Keep turning them to get them evenly browned. optional:  You can add a sprig of fresh rosemary herb to the butter oil as you are cooking the sausages. It will taste even better.

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