Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Blessing Comes In Many Form

If we take a moment's pause in our busy schedule,
we will be able to see the beauty before us and 
appreciate the colorful wild flowers that God nurtures around us.

Corn/Maize plant which is about 1 week old

Honey Dew Plant which is about 1 week old

Long Beans Plant which is about 1 week old

Blessing comes in many form. As for me, every waking moment is a blessing. Good health is a blessing. Being able to eat is also a blessing. Having enough 'moolahs' is also a blessing. As a Christian, I believe and trust that my Heavenly Father will provide our daily needs. And so far God indeed has been gracious and merciful to me and my family. Please don't get me wrong...I am not preaching here but to express my joy that since I surrendered my will to God and allowed God to take control of my life , it has been a wonderful wonderful experience and a life full of blessings. No regrets at all! Thy Will be Done on Earth as it is in Heaven

My dad recently moved in next door to me. At the beginning, I had this feeling of apprehension. Is it a good move? Will it burdened me ? Will he be a liability to me ? Yet I have this peaceful feeling when I moved him next door to me. Easier for me to visit him and I realized that my mom who had left us almost two years ago to be with the Lord would be the happiest one. Thus, I knew I have done the right thing in moving him next door. In this case blessing comes in the form of having my nephew Ernest, who is willing to stay with my dad over the weekends and some kind church members helping out in taking care of my dad…eg . taking him to the hospital when I am not able to take leave. May God Bless them for their good deeds.

Added to this, my blessings extend to even able to share his small plot of side garden. Haha…I have asked his maid to grow some fruit trees and vegetables …. Eg. what I have shown above…honey dew , papaya, corn/maize and long beans and some chilli plants and I have also asked her to grow ginger and mint leaves for me. In a few months time, we would all be able to see the harvest of what we sowed. When the honey dew plants start fruiting I will post up the pics.

Meanwhile, I will learn as much as I can from the maid. She is a pro when it comes to gardening. Blessings are from God. " Thank you Heavenly Father for taking care of me and my family ".

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