Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Update on Piggies in NJ - Part 2

The Piggies are enjoying themselves so much…indulging the good food….experiencing the cold cold weather and seeing things they don’t get to see here. Lucky piggies and seeing their recent pictures we can gathered how much weight they have put on. Will upload the food they ate there in the next post.

Be careful Daddy those food are good only for Piggy boy but not for Daddy. Every portion is american portion not for us asian so that means you are eating double portion per eating! Alarm ringing for Daddy…..cholesterol intake shooting up…be careful ! Go for more salads.

The lovely homes built next to where Piggy boy's uncle stayed ....
big and nice,peaceful and serene

Just 2 weeks you are there and gosh you have put on so much.....
no more beef steak for Daddy...it's an order from Piggy gal!

Self Check Out ..... means u dun need a human to collect the money from you after shopping .... you pay to a machine. Cooool

The self payment section , just insert the money into the machine and off you go

Houses there are so huge with large pieces of land 
you need one of this .... pretty affordable too.

A cosy little corner in Barnes & Noble
..... lots and lots of cards and books
cheap for them not for us.

This is one of the many malls around Sommerville, New Jersey

See how the McDonalds look like over there,
all with their own building on their huge piece of land.

Piggy boy and his uncle

Daddy & his bro-in-law

Piggy boy on the deck, showing off that he is not short at all
compared to American standard door height.

barbeque on the back deck which overlooks the big piece of land at the back of the house.... look at the bbq stove .... costs a bomb back in Malaysia.... its Gas, Electric and Traditional all in one.

Piggy boy on the Deck, with a quaint little stairs behind him leading to the garden.

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