Monday, March 17, 2008

My Very First Cupcake

I have been talking about BAKING cupcakes and trying my hands on frosting for ages . I have been buying CUPCAKES BOOKS and ICING SETS and assorted designs cupcakes liners just for that purpose! My shelf is full of cake ingredients and because of my procrastinating nature , I have done nothing with them. Since Piggy gal has gone back to college and I am left alone in the house without anything to do, I decided to try out my baking skill and alas it didn’t come out well as I expected.

I love baking, there’s no doubt about it but I HATE the washing up after that. Haha…I guess it is becoz of that , I have stayed away from baking for quite a while. The greasy utensils used after each preparation will make me think twice before I do any baking (“,) But the desire to try out is too strong to ignored. Heehee , thus I spent the whole afternoon baking cuppetycakes.

The outcome of a relaxed Sunday afternoon …spent baking cuppetycakes and decorating it thereafter. The pics I took is uploaded here on this post. I still have to perfect the texture of the cake and the frosting texture. Well, I always believe that practise makes perfect and one day I will achieve that.

I discovered something…my Bear Bear loves cuppetycakes and with frosting! She licked them clean ^^ I gave her a share and you should see how she savoured it. She thought it was her birthday ^^ and after that she licked her mouth clean and gave me a satisfied look. If only she could talk in human language , she would most probably thanked me for it. Keek..keek she is so damn cute. A real cutie pie she is! Gosh..Piggy gal told me not to give her chocolatey stuff….and I forgot….thank God nothing bad happened to her! Must remember never to give a dog chocolatey stuff. Bad for the heart it seems. :O

The desire to bake is back…will bake more now that I found out that Bear Bear loves cupcakes ! Wishful thinking….if only she can helps to clean up then I could go on baking till I achieved the results I want.

This cuppetycake is from the 500 cupcakes recipe book. I improvished it a bit.

It is fun doing this...(",)

I improvished by adding pistachio nuts and banana to it
Banana is good for health so can't resist..popped in a few slices

I think I have overbake it or the the oven is too hot,
lost it moistness (",)

Fun time...I enjoyed the decoration part. So colorful !

Looks is but slightly dry..expected it to be moist

Poorly done....ya ya I know my icing skill sucks :)

This is suppose to be moist chocolate with banana cupcake
( not moist at all :( over baking can cause dryness in cake)

Does this look like a sundae cone from McDee? ^____^
I sprinkled some blue sugar on the frosting to make it stricking

Hmmm...if not dry I would say " yummylicious "

The mess after the whole baking episode
The washing and cleaning up is what I dread most :(

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  1. Hi,
    It actually not bad at all!

    How did u derive the purple frosting? Can u share the recipe for this frosting?

    Queen Butter


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