Monday, March 3, 2008

The Best Sizzling Beef Burger - ' Uncle Burger '

I discovered to my sheer delight there was this burger stall named " Uncle Burger" which makes the nicest burgers. " Uncle Burger " is the most immaculate burger stall I have seen so far. This uncle makes very tasty burgers. His prices are reasonable and I heart most is his famous " Sizzling Beef Burger ". was the most juiciest and tastiest beef burger I have ever eaten. The BBQ sauce was specially prepared by the has black pepper flavour and you could taste wine in the sauce. He was very generous with his salad which goes well with the burger. Raw big onion rings, tomato slices and shredded cabbage. The tomato sauce , chilli sauce and mayonaise completes the goodness of the burger . One word to describe it - HEAVENLY . Two words to describe it - Sinful Indulgence. Why sinful indulgence ? Becoz we had it for SUPPER and such a heavy one too (^^)

His stall is just behind the corner coffee shop in Ipoh Garden East. He opens at 9.30pm and closes at 12.00 am. His rest day is every Monday. While waiting for our burgers to be ready, I took shots of the stall while the uncle was busy preparing our burgers. (",)

Uncle Burger's Menu and the prices are affordable

my first impression - Immaculate

the beef burgers are sizzling...hmmm makes me hungry

he has a cute way of wrapping the burgers

wow..he added more onion rings....loved it

this was worth waiting for..... juiciest and tasiest burger

Close-up of the best sizzling beef burger from ' Uncle Burger '


  1. Yes, I know this burger stall. What hits me is how immaculately clean Uncle Burger's stall is every time I am there!!!! I usually go for the burger daging double banjo with cheese and lots of salads. I can hardly fit it into my mouth and it beats a big mac any time, any day, anywhere.

    Definitely my favourite burger stall and I will be back again :o)

  2. Yep, after my first taste of Uncle Burger, I don't find McD's burgers as satisfying now.

  3. Can't believe I missed this post for sooo long, LOL ... but thanks, Elin :D

    Correction on the cabbage, though ... it's iceberg lettuce :)


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