Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thinner ,Taller or Longer ?

To you guys in NJ : " Momsie forced me to pose for u guys . So, have I grown thinner, taller or longer ? She made me lie down , make me sit on the sofa and posed for u guys....I am tired of posing for her coz I wanna lie down and sleep....... haizz ...please release me , my darlings, let me go....." and " OF COURSE I MIZZ U GUYS AND DON'T FORGET BRING BACK A BIG BONE FOR ME "

" I wanna lie down and rest "

" I don't wanna pose anymore..pls release me and let me go "

" Haizz I can't even sit straight coz I am really tired"

" I told you I don't wanna pose anymore...pleasee.... "

" Why must momsie torture me like this "
"Help me please...u guys in NJ "

" See how pitiful I look , tired and haggard and not pretty anymore"

" Help me daddy... I am serious when I say I am tired and I am sleepy"

Time taken : 11.oopm
Date taken: 12th March 08
Place Taken: On Mummy's Sofa
Camera Model: Olympus C150


  1. bear bear much bigger adi leh. so fast!! what did you feed her?

  2. Haha...nothing special leh...but she eats three times a day...rice mixed with 'pedigree beef 'in the morning, lunch - she had dog biscuits and dinner - rice mixed with our left over food .^^ She looks big and fat in photo but if you look at her in real she is thin, long and tall...haha she is photogenic la.


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