Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Addition To The Family - 'Bear Bear'

Daddy recently brought home another dog from Dr.Goh. After Chelsea , we were not ready to adopt another dog , but this cute little angel somehow stole daddy's heart and thus was brought home and slowly, day by day, the whole family was being hypnotised and our hearts stolen by her cute and adorable looks. Dr.Goh named her 'Bear Bear' so we stick to that name. Haha....she is indeed very adorable and no one could resist her passionate nature. She will cuddle close to anyone who sits near her. And sometimes she will climb on to your lap and nestle against you. How not to love her and hug her back.! But watch out , she will lick you till you beg her to stop. Haha..that's how passionate she is!

Surprisingly, she doesn't destroy things around her when we are asleep. Daddy bought her leather bone and rubber balls and gave her a rug to sleep on. She seems to understand that those are her toys and she is not suppose to chew on our timber furnitures.....smart gal

Here are some shots of her and the story unfold....................

Bear Bear Our Black Angel

Caught in the act - helping herself to my edible plants

Reprimanded for her mischief in the garden
Punishment - To sit in at corner and not allowed to move...poor darling

She wants to be tickled but everyone ignores her....poor darling

She is sulking... coz no one is paying attention to her...poor angel

She is looking remorseful and looking kinda sad.... poor baby

She is feeling hurt and ooh.... so sad

waited and waited for someone to cuddle her but none came ....finally fell asleep

Bear Bear fast asleep and finally in dreamland..........

Bear Bear is 3 months old of mixed parentage...mom is German Sheppard and dad is Rottweiler. She learns fast and very willing to please....... has very high IQ.......and has BIG PAWS


  1. can we go to your house and see bear bear. she is such a cutie. I like her. so adorable and i keep on dropping by your blog just to have a look at her. you are real blessed to have bear bear with you all.

  2. Haha..of course you are welcome. Do drop by when you r back here for your hols. Yup we are blessed to have her with us. She stole our hearts.


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