Friday, March 7, 2008

Porcelain Grater - A Gem Indeed

I found this pure 'gem ' , a porcelain grater , recently from the crockery shop which I always frequent . Haha... to my delight it was so cheap and so practical. I couldn't wait to use it, so on the very day itself I tried it and to my utter surprised, the ginger was grated into a paste in a minute and yet it retains the juice on the dish itself. That's the reason why I like to frequent this crockery shop. It's like treasure hunt...haha lotz of things to see and purchase if you are keen in cooking.

A porcelain grater

A close-up of this ' gem '

Useful and practical - to grate ginger/garlic into a paste in a min.

The result - juicy ginger paste

part of the ingredients for Steamed Chicken In Wine

Marinate chicken breast with the ginger paste, salt and cooking wine
for 1/2 hr and steamed it in hot boiling water for 2o mins.



  1. wow, such a simple thing and your ginger is so nicely done. which shop you bought that porcelain grater from? I think I need one too. Thanks yar.

  2. haha's practical and v useful for me. I bought it from the crockery shop opposite to Ayamas Shop in new town. Near to Central Market's chicken stalls. It is the shop next to Wah Seng selling baking things. I paid RM4 for it. ^___^


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