Friday, March 21, 2008

She Has Grown !

Bear Bear has grown bigger now. Haha…I love to bully her and make her pose for me ….she is a very reluntant model. You can see she looked miserable and angry when I make her sit in a corner and not allowed to move at all. Look at her expressions...tell a thousand words. " again? I have to model for you.....don't torture me please.... I hate the flash and I hate having to keep still! Go away please and don't disturb me, I want to sleep...can't u see I'm tired...blah blah blah......"

Nowadays, when she see me holding the camera she will run away from me as far as she could. She is intelligent no doubt. Haha , today she was slapped by the maid again for tearing down a branch of my lime plant which is just fruiting. Served you right bear bear…for destroying my plants. Letting you free in the porch doesn’t mean that you go round tearing down all the plants you like . They are not your toys. Keep to your own toys from now onwards. I hope you remember not to do it again tomorrow otherwise the maid , your god-ma , will kill you and BBQ you. * shudder **

Here are a few shots which I managed to make her posed for me juz for your sake Daddy.
You have been pestering me to take a pic of her for you to see…so here it is at the expense of her discomfort and not liking me.

Oh no...not again?

Told you..I hate the flash from the cam

Please respect me....can? No means no!

Okay....momsie I love you...I wana hug you ...can?
Okie dokie...I will pose for daddy sake... ish...this daddy ,troublesome fella

Nay...finished ...don't disturb me anymore....I am going to dreamland.....
goodnitey daddy & Piggy boy

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