Thursday, March 6, 2008

Piggies go to New Jersey

Piggy boy at Airport in Sweden transit to NJ

Daddy.......bored while in transit ?

Today is 6th March , Daddy and Piggy boy will be leaving for New Jersey in a short while. Flight time is 8.45am ( local time) arriving Newark International Airport 6th March at 7.45pm (US time) Local time will be 7th March at 7.45am . They will be on board for 18hrs. Haha... Piggy boy will surely love the onboard video games and movies. *wink* Sheer heaven for you piggy boy ! Imagine you have 18 hrs of video games and many movies to choose from . ^^
To Piggy boy n Daddy:

*Remember,if you see your friend Jack on board don't say "Hi jack" :) Okay, enjoy your trip and have a nice holiday..hopefully you can still see snow...keep warm at all times. Jie Jie and Momsie will miss you guys lotz. Btw your SPM results will be out on the 12th March. You better keep your fingers crossed . Or be ready to have your butt spanked! **

Have a safe journey and may God be with you guys always. Say 'Hi ' to my brudder and sis-in-law for me when you meet up with them.

Take care and God Bless! See you guys in a month's time. (@@)

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