Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Sumptous Steamboat Buffet

There were only three of us for dinner tonite so I suggested to Piggy gal to have dinner at Restaurant Good Times. I have heard many times of this restaurant that served Steamboat Buffet and that it is not too pricey and have a wide selection of food. It was pouring heavily when we left the house. We have to leave at 6.30pm in order to make sure we can get a place to park our butts.
We found a parking lot just a few shops away from the restaurant. We thought we were the early birds but to our surprised despite the heavy rain there were already a few tables with people seated and have starting eating. Wow ,the aroma of cooked prawns was in the air . It was so nice that my stomach started growling….haha the smell of food really makes all of us eager to start our steamboat too.

There were a wide selection of meat being chicken , pork and beef and seafood spread has many different types of sea slugs to sea snails , mantis prawns to crabs to calamari. There were an assortment of yong tau foo and fried chicken wings which were so yummy and tasty .Many more which I can’t remember :( They have 15 varieties of greens to my sheer delight. They have a wide variety of dumplings too.

Dessert sections have fruits namely watermelon and honeydew both are my favorites and a few types of ice cream namely durian flavored , sweet corn flavored, yam flavored , vanilla flavored and strawberry flavored but I just took the durian flavored one.

They have a few dipping sauce…namely the satay sauce, sambal sauce, special garlic/ chili padi sauce with vinegar, and one very special sauce ginger/chillies/garlic with vinegar….goes well with the meat and seafood. But we have to remember not to waste the sauces….coz the wastage will be charged RM5 per 50 gram . Wastage of food will be charged RM10 per 100 gram. Guess this is the only way to educate people not to waste food.

My rating – Good for that kind of price . RM19.80 per person plus 5% service tax.

Restoran Good Times
4 & 6, Jalan Seenivasagam, 30450,
Tel: 016 5937771 / 012 – 5243316 for reservation.

Friday dinner - Steamboat Buffet at Restoran Good Times

It is worth eating here...RM19.80 per head plus 5% tax service
a wide spread of seafood and lotz n lotz of different varieties of meat and fish balls
They have the best dip sauce.

fresh prawns - a few types , fish fillets and crabs

Assorted - sea snails, ray fish, varieties of meat balls

Yong Tau Fu and Fried Chicken Wings

Olden days people use charcoal for steamboat
Modern days people use gas
Lately people use induction cooker for steambeat

Piggy gal and Sen Loong enjoying their food
The dipping sauce is too hot for Piggy gal ^^
but got oomph

RM10- for every 100gm of wasted food
RM5 - for every 50gm of wasted dipping sauce
Thus you can see that we have no wasted food at the end of our meal (^^)

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