Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Update on the Piggies in NJ - Part 4

These two piggies are really enjoying themselves over there. Last weekend ,my brother took them to New York, where they visited Manhattan Town and NY Chinatown and cruised the Hudson River and therefore they get to see the Statue of Liberty from afar. Lucky lucky Piggy boy….. "let’s exchange places…want? " (",)

I spotted among one of the shots taken ,the piggies were standing outside the Trump Tower where the TV series ' Apprentice ' took place….Piggy boy admired Donald Trump lotz so he must have felt good to be able to take a picture outside Trump Tower….Donald Trump is the man who inspired Piggy boy to take up Business studies…..He will never miss any episodes of the TV show ' Apprentice'.

Travelling through the underwater tunnel must be one great experience for Piggy boy. This smart tunnel was what our former Prime Minister, Tun Dr.Mahathir wanted to build in Penang . But I guess it was too expensive so the idea was scraped off. I noticed that the
piggies have put on weight…guess food portions are double so they eat double… (",)

The gateway to Holland Tunnel, it starts to go under
water from here ... pretty cool, somewhat like the Smart Tunnel
in KL but this one is under water ......
Tun Dr. Mahathir's dream for Penang

Okay, this is the exciting part, where they start to enter the tunnel
to go under water,there are huge ships on top of them
sailing along the Hudson River about 300 miles of waterway.

Into the tunnel, and the air is constantly
monitored every 90 seconds for dangerous levels
of carbon monoxide and there are security cameras all the way.

Out of the tunnel and this IS NEW YORK !!

Daddy and Piggy boy on Pier16 just before going on board The Zephr

The view of The Brooklyn Bridge from Pier 16, In the back ground yet another Bridge built somewhere in the 18?? (missed out the yr it was built) still standing today.

In contrast, this is a familiar Water Taxi .... New York Water Taxi.

Piggy boy, his Uncle and Aunty .... on the top most deck of the Zephyr

Piggy boy and Daddy with the Statue of Liberty in the background

Piggy boy and his Uncle with Statue of Liberty in the background

The Statue of Liberty .... freedom for all Americans

Horse drawn carriage rides at Central Park, New York

Looking at his expression ....will tell you the hot dogs are yummz!

Rockerfeller Centre in Manhattan.

Shopping in New York Chinatown.....

Trump Tower .... this is where the TV series is taken on Apprentice

A pretty busy road in Manhattan, lots of people walking about
and its a Sunday, can you imagine what it would be like on Monday?

A picture taken in front of the New York City Park,

Piggy boy looks like he has put on some weight (",)
people skating down below where they are standing.

Beautiful spring blooms....

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