Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Elinluv Special Tuna Pizza


Ingredients for the pizza dough
Recipe - pizza dough
Ingredients for the toppings

Piggy gal and I had tuna pizza for dinner on Sunday. After a sumptous seafood dinner on Saturday nite we opted for something simple and easy to make. I had it done in such a short time. The longest time was waiting for the dough to rise. About an hour. Once the proofing is done, every thing is easy and the baking took about 20 minutes. This Tuna Pizza came out nice and tasted fantabulous and yummilious.

** Toppings can be seafood, beef or chicken or Tuna. Infact, anything you fancy can be used for toppings. For me, I used Tuna and it tasted good.

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