Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bear Bear Went For Her 2nd Jab Today

Bear Bear went for her second jab today. But unfortunately ,Dr.Goh was not in, so Dr.Wan gave her the jab instead. Poor Bear Bear!

This pic was taken after her first jab.....she was so tiny then

She was feeling out of sort....see how cute she was !

oh..momsie I don't want another jab........please no!!!!

" Momsie....... argh I am feeling tired and drowsy now
I shouldn't have followed you to the vet. I got tricked !!!
"The jab was painful. Where was Dr.Goh ? This Dr.Wan hurts me.
I want Dr. Goh.. she is so motherly. "

Bear Bear's vaccination card

Haha..... she needs to be dewormed too.

After two hours , she was back to her normal self. See what excites her the most?She likes to sit there and does some surveying. Her fav. spot in the garden. She enjoys outdoor more . Look how she really enjoys sitting there, the flower pot fitted her nicely.


  1. hi i m here to have a look of bear bear again. i was thinking if we visit bear bear from now on then next time she wont bark at us..haha.. must let her smell us first then she knows we are her frenz.. you all are so blessed to have her..she is so lovable and such a cutie.

  2. Haha..yup we are blessed to have her. Cute and adorable but she can be very naughty at times. You know she is my boss and I am her slave. She barks at me to let her out to do her business and barks to open the door for her to come back in to the house. Each time she barks, we will laugh and say " Boss calling" haha so funny.

  3. That's very the new question for kids will be..where do puppies come from? From pots! I love Dogs too. And thanks for your lovely bread foto at KC.


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