Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Roll/Popiah

Popiah is a local name for this yummy delicacy. It is a special type of spring roll with vegetables filling. The filling is made up bean sprouts ,shredded turnips, shredded french beans, tofu , finely cut omelette, shredded carrots and some crunchy fritters. Wrapped up into a roll with the popiah skin . Brush some sweet sauce and chilli sauce on the spring roll and add a few dried shrimps as deco….yummy. I had this for dinner tonite. Bought from the outside coffee shop…two pieces for RM3.20. Quite pricey though ..haha but becoz I have a yearning for it…. as the saying goes … cure the stomach first and satisfy the yearning. If not , I will be thinking of this spring roll the whole nite through. (",)

Popiah / Spring Roll with vegetable filling

Close up

Food Quote For the Day:

" To eat is a necessity but to eat intelligently ia an art "
La Rochefoucauld

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